Posted by Table Titans on April 22, 2013

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re big fans of Dungeons & Dragons senior creative director, Jon Schindehette. He’s the creative lead on the beasties we’ve come to love and the new beasties we’ll learn to love.  Today we’re taking a look at the new Goblinoids!

Here’s Jon discussing part of his process in re-thinking monsters 

Goblins are described as being small, stealthy, cowardly, weak, agile, and beady-eyed. Doesn’t sound like an inspiring creature, does it? This brings up a really interesting discussion point. When I’m thinking about depictions of the world and its inhabitants, there are two ways I can look at them.

I can look at them in the meta-world view.

I can look at them in the in-world view.

What’s the difference?

Meta-World View: A goblin is small, stealthy, cowardly, agile, weak.

In-World View: Describe the goblin from an in-world point of view . . . from the point of view of a goblin, a human, a dragon, or a host of others. (I’m not listing adjectives here because I have an exercise for you that I want you to enjoy!)

For example, a goblin wouldn’t see itself as being cowardly. Goblins would talk about the wisdom of overwhelming their foes with numbers, about being crafty and opportunistic, and about finding opportunities to take someone out or bolt for reinforcements.

Give the entire article a read and get a look at what beasties we get to face in the coming iterations of D&D! 

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