Mimics: Bane of Adventurers

Posted by Table Titans on February 17, 2013

There's nothing worse than winning a hard fought battle, strolling up to the treasure chest expecting your reward and instead being surprised by a Mimic. The Mimic has been with Dungeons & Dragons players since the very beginning, pouncing upon unawares adventures when they least expect a fight. Though the treasure chest seemed to by the preferred guise of the unruly little beasties, the D&D 1st Edition Manual's text description states: "Mimics pose as stonework, doors, chests, or any other item or substance they can imitate." In subsequent editions they've gotten even more dangerous, able to take on new inanimate characteristics, and in the most recent edition the Impersonator Mimic can even imitate people! 

Impersonator Mimic

A young girl begs for bread at the door, and an old lady’s act of kindness is her last. Then, in the form of the old lady, an impersonator mimic lures a passing farmhand inside, begging for help moving a table. Next, as the farmhand, it accompanies a team of woodcutters. For the mimic, each persona it assumes means another victim’s unmarked grave.

Impersonator Mimics in Combat

An impersonator mimic hunts by luring prey into a trap. In ruins and other remote locations, an impersonator’s lair is inhabited by mimic spawn posing as objects suited to the environment.

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