Otyugh (Pronounced How It’s Spelled)

Posted by Table Titans on May 13, 2013
Sometimes we get focused on the iconic beasties, the Dragons and Goblins of the D&D Universe. We forget about all those creepy-crawlies lurking in the depths. So this week Table Titans gives you a critter your party may not be expecting, the Otyugh!
First appearing in the 1977 Monster Manual this oversized, dung-covered, tentacle-whipping monstrosity thrives off the garbage dungeoneers leave behind. Don’t let its scavenger traits fool you! Dead-meat is easy game, but given the chance an Otyugh will make a quick lunch of unsuspecting adventurers. 
For an excellent run down of all the Otyugh goodness, check out this article at D&D’s website. It’s a great resource for designing your own carrion-crunching carnivore! In the meantime, for your dungeon-running pleasure, we offer the Neo-Otyugh. Enjoy!

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