Tomb of Horrors Bone Golem

Posted by Table Titans on February 03, 2013

It's Monday and that means a new monster for the Bestiary! The very first Adventure of Table Titans, The Mines of Madness, was influenced by one of the original D&D player-killer-dungeons, The Tomb of Horrors. This week we thought we'd feature one of our favorite ghoulies from that brutal experience, The Bone Golem! You get pretty familiar with every variety of these beasties while trudging through The Tomb of Horrors; this particular Bone Golem is the Scimitar Slasher. He wields two Great Scimitars, has immunity to all magic and magic like abilities, and he gains haste after the first round of combat. In short, the Bone Golem Scimitar Slasher is a killer!

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