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HTales from the Table


On the Invention of Nicknames

Posted on July 21, 2016

Our party is both relatively new to the game (only one of us has been playing for more than a year) and new to the rules (we just got 5th edition! Yay!) and, as a result, we're still working a few things out. Such as, our characters' names.

Now they all have lovely names; Darvin Dundragon the Rogue, Sariel Moonbrook the Elven Paladin, Veit Holderhek the Dwarven Bard, and my own character, Zook Waywocket the Gnome Warlock. Only one has a nickname, however: Zook, aka "Zook the Irredeemably Evil."

This didn't sit well with our Bard, who took it upon himself to try and figure out nicknames for the others that he could use in a…

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