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Winter of The Iron Dwarf - Page 59
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HTales from the Table


Croon’s World

Posted by Wayne Campbell on September 30, 2014
And worst of all...

Plumbing the depths of the Tower of Time within the ruins of a Mage School, all but two of our heroes have been rendered unconscious by a powerful enchantment magic. Musashi the Paladin of Law, and Croon the Bounty Hunter are the last awake. They move closer together and begin to form a plan.

There’s one issue, Musashi can't speak. Instead he uses chalk on a board to write short message. He begins to scrawl his ideas. Ever disdainful of the mute Paladin, Croon finally snaps, backhands the Holy Warrior across the face and yells out

"I never learned to read!"

A series of hand gestures and pictograms later, the party had escaped…

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