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You Might Need a New Pair of Everything

Posted on February 21, 2018

This is a tale of woe indeed, as the life of my first ever D&D character ended with a splat.

Our party, consisting of me as a Drow Bard, my brother as an Elven Rogue, and our other two friends as a Dragonborn Paladin, and an Elven Sorceress. Oh yeah, we also had a Wizard with us.

The party was exploring a dungeon in hopes of killing a Necromancer, who happened to be two of our members' cousin. The rest of the group broke off for lunch, yet the DM and two of us, my Bard, and my friend’s Dragonborn Paladin continued forth. We found a glowing shield through a chasm in the floor, and our Dragonborn—who could afford to do this, being eig…

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