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High Priestess of… Nevermind

Posted by Jack Ketch on October 16, 2014
two tacos with a side of frustration

My most fond memory of gaming was when our high level characters were forced to battle Eclavdra. A High Priestess who was presented as the chosen of Lolth. After Eclavdra was revealed to us, but before the battle, Lolth (as voiced by our DM) started in on an excruciatingly long rant. Basically monologuing evil plans, etc. Normal big bad stuff.

We’d all had just about enough of this so my Barbarian called a critical shot, a feat the DM made available for me, and attacked Eclavdra with a Vorpal Bastard Sword while Lolth was busy talking. The attack succeeded and the strike ended up decapitating Lolth's High Priestess in front of her.…

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