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HTales from the Table


A Certain Smile

Posted by Church Dwight on March 04, 2015
Feel the Shine.

I was the DM for a mid-level campaign. The characters were all at level 10. I was having difficulties finding appropriate threats for the band of adventurers who were infiltrating a magical keep filled to the brim with Orcs.
At their level, Trolls and waves of Orcs were nothing to them. They had a Half-Ogre Barbarian of their own after all, not to mention a pudgy Human Wizard, a saintly Half-Elf Cleric, a heavily armored Human sword-n-board Fighter, and an annoying Dwarf Bard.
I had to pull out the big guns.
An Ogre-Mage with character levels in Monk assailed them. This was decided to be a credible threat to the party, who…

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