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Gleaming the Cube

Posted by C. Slater on October 30, 2014
I guess we all do unexpected things sometimes, don't we?

It was probably the strangest encounter we’d ever been in. We were playing 4th edition with a party of five consisting of a Wizard, Paladin, Ranger, Monk, and Bard. We’d stumbled through a dungeon and came to a room complete with Doppelgangers and a Gelatinous Cube. The later of which immediately enveloped our Paladin. Not sure how exactly we could help him at the time, the rest of the party decided to deal with the Dopplegangers.

Sometime during the fight the Gelatinous Cube gets knocked prone, which means the Paladin is now floating face-down inside the Cube. Meanwhile a Doppelganger gets teleported to a space directly above the…

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