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PvP Definitive Edition Kickstarter

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on November 08, 2018


Over on our sister comic website, PvP (the place where Table Titans first began) we have just launched a new Kickstarter to celebrate two decades of the preeminent webcomic. The Definitive Edition will collect the first 20 years of PvP comics in their entirety plus an additional tome of never-before-seen content. Designed by famed illustrator and designer Rob Armbrister, with over 2,500 pages collected into 9 full-color, oversized 12"x10" hardcover volumes. PVP PRINTED IN COLOR FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWENTY YEARS!

Whether you were originally a PvP fan and dis…

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Announcing: Binwin Plays Idle Champions

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on September 11, 2018
I can't believe this is actually happening! Working again with Codename and Wizards of the Coast is a dream. It's going to be so much fun. We launch today and I'm so excited I've run out of words so here's the official press release with all the info. See you on the stream!
"You can kill the man, but you can't kill his brand."
—Binwin Bronzebottom
As we announced in our livestream last week, Binwin Bronzebottom, who most recently critted a javelin throw into the Xanathar's eye and was subsequently petrified and disintegrated in front of the Wafflecrew, is back! Today we're unleashing even more Idle Champions fun onto the…

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Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on August 31, 2018
We're at PAX West 2018 this weekend and it's the first show I'll be in attendance at this year, so you should definitely stop by and say hi.
We've got a killer setup on the 6th floor at Table Titans booth 7609 with our friends from Codename Entertainment, the makers of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, who we're teaming up with to promote Table Titans and Idle Champions with some special events at the booth.
You'll start by visiting our Binwin Bronzebottom Memorial Selfie Station where you can get a picture with our life-sized Binwin Bronzebottom cut-out, and get a Binwin postcard signed by myself and Idle Champions lead…

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Binwin Bronzebottom Joins Idle Champions

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on June 19, 2018
Binwin Bronzebottom is many things:
  • The D&D characters I've played in podcasts and live on stage for over 10 years.
  • A pop culture icon and brand that supports several "catchphrases" and lines of merchandise.
  • The star of his own weekly comic strip called Binwin's Minions.
  • And probably what I'm best known for, despite the fact that I've been a cartoonist for the last 20 years.
But now Binwin Bronzebottom has performed his greatest achievement. He's made it into a video game. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms to be exact. An exciting D&D idle-strategy game from the Canadian Wizards over at Codename Entertainment. In …

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Let’s Get Brutal

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on April 01, 2018

Usually, if I'm playing a table top game, it's a pen and paper RPG. I don't know what it is about board games, they can't typically keep my attention, but when my longtime friend Stephan Frost asked me to test a game he'd designed called BRUTALITY I knew it'd be good. Frost is a creative director at Nexon, and worked at Blizzard, Amazon, and Carbine, so we've known him for the video games he's made. He was telling me that he'd play-tested this new board game with designer friends for about a year, and that it was like playing a quick deathmatch video game but at the table. He came to visit me in Seattle where I treated him to a round …

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