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Gen Con 2016 - Thanks

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on August 15, 2016

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came out to see us at Gen Con this year. That show, as always, is such an amazing time. We saw a lot of cool games this year, my team was in love with Captain Sonar. I didn’t get a chance to play it, but I never stopped hearing about it. Also heard about Vast, and apparently Seafall is a big one. I didn't spend a lot of time playing games, crazy enough.

Because... I got a chance to catch up with my oldest and dearest friend, Rob Schebel, whom I’ve known since the 5th grade. We found out Rob taught one of our buddies over at Fantasy Flight games. Which explains a lot, because Rob…

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Table Titans at PAX East 2016

Posted by Table Titans on April 19, 2016
The Table Titans crew is heading to PAX East and this year Toonhound Studios will be set up on the expo hall in booth 2042! Look for us next to the PA Merch booth.
We’re bringing a ton of new products for Table Titans and Acquisitions Incorporated. New to this show is our AI Logo shirt, as well as our brand new GREEN FLAME shirt with foil treatment. We’re also introducing a new Acquisitions Incorporated bundle of our adventurer’s kit messenger bag. This bundle comes with the existing bag, and a swapable flap featuring the AI logo framed by a sea of AI iconography.
Are you a Pinny Arcade collector? We’re going to have a…
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Dwarven Forge Modular Gaming Terrain Review

Posted by Table Titans on March 28, 2016
Dwarven Forge is more than just gaming terrain. It’s more than 3d, handcrafted, and modular. It’s more than just a set piece; it’s part of the game.
If you haven’t ever heard of Dwarven Forge you need to go to their Kickstarter page and check them out immediately. There are only a couple of days left in their current campaign for a Castle Builder System. Go watch the video, maybe make a pledge, then come back and read on… we’ll wait.
The crew at Table Titans are recent converts to the Dwarven Forge systems, though they’ve been around for a while. We were recently sent a set…
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Table Titans at PAX South 2016!

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on January 26, 2016
PAX South is this weekend and Toonhound Studios will be exhibiting at the show. I wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what we’ll be offering this year and encourage everyone to come visit our booth at 12120 (right next to the PA merch booth). You won’t be able to miss us. Look for the PvP and Acq Inc logos, along with the Table Titans cut-outs at the top of our display.
Speaking of Table Titans, PAX South will be the first convention where we will be selling Table Titans books! If you backed our Kickstarter, your hardcovers are in the mail and you should be receiving them this week. If you missed out on the KS we will be…
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Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on November 28, 2015

Give thanks

2015 has been a really great year for us here at Toonhound Studios, and we have a lot to be thankful for.

First and foremost, we’re thankful for all of you and the amazing love and support you’ve shown us over the last one and a half decades. We love writing stories for you, and I don’t see that ever changing. Thank you for reading them.

When PvP first started, it was just me and Angela. She did so much to support me in the beginning and always believed in my abilities to accomplish my goals. Executing those goals was all up to me though.

Now seventeen years later, PvP and Table Titans is a family operation. The…

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