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Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on March 28, 2019

As the warm days of spring continue to push back the armies of a long winter, we find ourselves on the eve of another PAX EAST: BOSTON! The Table Titans crew will be there at booth 12090 full of wonders and bedazzlements.

It’s gonna be BRUTAL:

This PAX East we are debuting Table Titans first published board game, BRUTALITY! designed by legendary game producer Stephan Frost (Blizzard, Disney, Nexon), BRUTALITY is an action packed medieval combat brawler for 2-4 players. We’re having a special PAX EAST sale to celebrate the release where you get the BRUTALITY and ALL THREE EXPANSIONS for only $100. This is a limited time Brutal Bundle…

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PAX South 2019

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on January 18, 2019
Howdy Partners! We've loaded up the wagon train and headed towards PAX South, happening this weekend in San Antonio, Texas. YEEE-HAH!
Table Titans & PvP will be setting up camp inside the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in booth 10414. And we've got Idle Champions and Game to Grow with us, so be sure to mosey by our booth and say howdy.
The wagon's loaded up with all kinds of fric and frac. We have Table Titans, Binwin's Minions, and Tenko King books on hand. Adventure Journals, Game Master Screens and other accessories too. 
Our brand new Deconstructed Dice Hoodies are back in stock and will be on hand as well. They…

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Binwin’s Minions Season 3 + Wintertop Gift!

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on December 21, 2018

We are pleased as punch to announce that Tavis Maiden & Cory Casoni will be returning for Binwin's Minions Season 3, beginning this January.

I can't tell you what a joy it's been to see these ragamuffin minions questing with the greatest adventurer of all time, and I'm honored that Cory & Tavis are returning to tell more of their tales. I’d also like to thank all of you, dear readers, for making this comic possible. Without your support this comic would never have been made and it certainly wouldn’t have made it to a third volume!

Since many folks are on a holiday break we thought we’d celebrate as well with a gift to you for our fa…

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Final Day of the PvP 20th Anniversary Kickstarter!

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on December 07, 2018
How do I say twenty years worth of thank yous?
When we decided to launch a Kickstarter that would collect 20 years of PvP into hardcover books, I was terrified. PvP is a legacy comic strip. It exists in an odd space with rules that don’t really apply to other webcomics. It has a passionate dedicated group of readers, but it’s reach I feared, was limited. 9 volumes of comics is a big ask. A $75k goal is a big ask. I was worried that PvP didn’t have the juice to pull it off.
Needless to say, I was blown away at the outpouring of excitement and support for this kickstarter. The comments, emails, and social media messages bow…

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PAX Unplugged 2018

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on November 29, 2018

Mama Mia pizzeria, it’s time for another PAX Unplugged! Join us at Table Titans Booth 1912 as we celebrate another year on the table!

Chilly Philly weather keeping you from throwing nat 20? We’ve got you hoodies! The Deconstructed Dice Hoodie is back by popular demand and has LEVELED UP. This minimalist take on the dice rolling games we love has a new color scheme and a NEON TWIST! Turn on that blacklight and role-play like it’s 1999! No blacklight? No problem. With this new ink treatment the design goes full neon under blacklights.



This year a portion of the proceeds will go to our favorite gaming charity, Game …

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