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Binwin’s Minions V1 Kickstarter

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on August 08, 2017
When I sat down to play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends to make a podcast promoting the 4th edition of the game nine years ago, I needed a name for my character. Binwin was a name I used for several different characters growing up and it popped in my head pretty quickly. Since alliterations are pretty cool, I gave him the last name of Bronzebottom. That was that, and I never thought I would play him again. Binwin Bronzebottom was a one-time deal. A one-shot.
Of course, that wasn’t the case. I played Binwin many times since then, both live and in recordings. It’s crazy to me to say that I’m recognized by fans for my time playing Binwin as much as for my time making comics. Crazy but true.
I can take credit for Binwin the character but I can’t take credit for Binwin’s Minions the comic, which runs every Friday here on the Table Titans website. Binwin's Minions was created by two of my Toonhound Studio-mates. It's illustrated by Tavis Maiden (creator of the hit kids comic Tenko King) and co-written by Tavis and Cory Casoni (our studio's editor-in-chief & general business guru). Cory had the initially idea for a comic in which Binwin hires level 1 adventurers that died over and over again. And, as these things go in the studio environment, Tavis immeidately responded with the first drawing of the Minions. It’s been almost two years since then, and my boys have created over 90 pages of Binwin's Minions comics!
Today we’ve launched the Binwin's Minions V1 Kickstarter so you can get a copy of this amazing comic for your bookshelf. We’ve collected the first season of the Binwin's Minions into a beautiful hardcover book and, as always, hired famed comic designer Keith Wood to give it a shine for us. And we’ve dedicated all of our (currently secret) stretch goals into leveling up the book and bringing some more game to your table (secrets again), and we have some amazing Reward Tiers so you can get exclusive Print Sets, Sticker Sheets, the new Binwin Double Axe to The Back Tee-Shirt, and Original Art from Tavis Maiden. Plus, we've got a whole slew of add-ons so you can Back it Your Way™ with Bin-It-2-Win-It Pinny Arcade Pins, Monster Dice Bags, Custom Polyhedrals, and Adventure Journals. Just look at all this cool stuff!
Please check out the Binwin's Minions V1 Kickstarer, become a Backer if you can, but most importantly help us spread the world! Talking about both the comic and the Kickstarter with your friends and on social media helps us immensely.
And remember: Titans Never Say Die--whoops, wrong comic... Minions Never Say Live. I think that’s their catchphrase. I gotta ask Cory and Tavis. If it isn’t, it should be. Right?

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