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FINAL DAY - Binwin’s Minions V1 Kickstarter

Posted by Table Titans on September 07, 2017

We're in the last 24 hrs of the Binwin's Minions V1 Kickstarter and it's been a doozy. We're fully funded as of late last night but if you haven't already become a Backer now is a good time because we've already unlocked the first Stretch Goal: a Binwin Bronzebottom D&D Adventure Module. For the last 24 hrs we've got two new Stretch Goals to keep the momentum going: Signed Bookplates, and Beta Testing the new Binwin's Minions rpg-lite tabletop game!

We've also got some new Reward Tiers and add-ons. Lots of folks were sad they couldn't make it to PAX West so we added the Garfield Game Wizard pinny as an add-on. You can also check out the all new Hex Chest Remastered from Edlerwood and featuring my own exclusive desings, which is pretty rad.

So thanks to everyone that helped fund the Binwin's Minions V1 Kickstarer. If you haven't joined us yet please consider becoming a Backer, and help us spread the world for the last 24 hrs!

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