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Gen Con 2017

Posted by Cory Casoni on August 17, 2017
Huzzah, We’re at Gen Con for the 50th anniversay of the show!
From Thursday through Sunday, you can find us at Booth 2754 selling an assortment of magical items. We have so many dazzling items to offer this year that you may be magically charmed for 1d4 rounds.
First up is second volume of our award-pending comic book series TABLE TITANS! Winter of the Iron dwarf continues the story of Val, Alan, Andrew, Darby, Darius and their Dungeon Master Brendan. This is the retail softcover edition of the book which is embossed and has french flaps, giving it advantage on charisma saves. If you can't make the show and want to pre-order the softcover you can here, or you can still grab the Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcovers on our BackerKit.
Next we have the stunningly handy Adventure Journal. This amazing moleskine adjacent journal is designed to chronicle the lives of three of your Dungeons & Dragons characters and includes custom designed pages for characters stats, spells, equipment, session notes, maps, and more. You’ll impress everyone at your gaming table when you show up with this.
But what about your dice? They need something classy to sit in. How about our new Mimic dice bag? This voluminous plush is adorable and can hold all those dice you didn’t need to buy in the first place. Supplies are limited and these bags go fast, so get em while you can.
Want something a little more upper-class for your dice? Don’t need to carry around your entire dice haul? How about a classy Hexchest or Spellbook from Elderwood academy? Perfectly designed and hand crafted to carry only your most prized polyhedrals.
Speaking of dice, you need some for that fancy new Hexchest and we have select artifacts from Norse Foundry, purveyors of rare metallic random number generators.
But wait, there’s more in the back of our cart. New Bard Rock shirts and Battleready Brew tees featuring TV’s Binwin Bronzebottom are in stock. We also have official Dungeons & Dragons Ampersand shirts so you can display your nostalgic allegiance to Lord Gygax while you’re at the show he created!
*pant-pant* what else?
OH! I guess we’ll have an artist there doing commissions as well if you want to talk to him.
Now listen: the Table Titans V2 comics, Adventure Journals, and Mimic dice bags are EXTREMELY LIMITED so if you wanna grab one you need to come to Booth #2754 soon. You can also pre-order all these stuff via our BackerKit. These are the advanced copies of our big Table Titans V2 Kickstarter shipments that are just arriving here in the states. So savvy Backers should read this and rejoice because if we’re getting our advanced copies in it means the full shipment of our Kickstarter products aren’t far behind and will be on their way to your mailboxes soon!

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