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Gen Con 2019

Posted by Table Titans on August 01, 2019
Huzzah, Gen Con 2019 is upon us! We are thrilled to be back at Booth 2754 where we’ve got familiar faces slinging some new & exciting wares! Let’s jump into the sandbox and show you what we’ve got this year! 
This is what GenCon is all about! We are excited for BRUTALITY to make its GenCon debut! Stop by the booth to demo BRUTALITY with creator Stephan Frost and pick up your copy and expansions while supplies last! Can’t make it to the show? We’ve got the Brutal Bundle available in the Table Titans Shoppe, shipped worldwide! 
CASKET LAND, by the fantastically talented Marie Enger, is ALSO making its GenCon debut! To celebrate we are selling the CASKET LAND COFFIN COLLECTION, a discounted bundle which includes a copy of the occult western inspired RPG zine, a cloth map, and a tri-fold DM screen to get your adventure started! 
Looking for a place to stash your con loot? Look no further! We’ve tamed this Owlbear Backpack to not only protect your laptop and gear, but a portion of the proceeds benefit Worldbuilders, a geek-center nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide! The Owlbear Backpack is available at Booth 2754 or online in the Table Titans Shoppe! 
We’ve got TWO new Dungeons & Dragons pins in stock for this show: the classic Ampersand Mega Pin and the Glow in the Dark Mimic Pin! Both hard enamel, cloisonne pins are oversize and gorgeous, stop by and get yours this weekend. 
There is nothing more special than the custom hex chests from our friends at Elderwood Academy! To have my art included on these gorgeously crafted boxes tickles me to no end! For GenCon, we are offering two kinds of wood with six variants of art by yours truly: Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard. The Hex Chests in Cherry wood have the six variants carved into them; the Hex Chest Remastered in Wenge wood features the same six variants, inlaid in stunning enamel. Quantities are limited, pick up these beauties while supplies last! 
He may have taken Binwin’s life, but now he’s forced to carry our dice loads for all eternity! The BAG OF BEHOLDING is the perfect plush bag to be-holding not only your dice and mini figures for your next campaign, but it's a great carry-all for any small personal items! Available in the booth and online, catch it while you can! 
GenCon is a great chance to stock up on Adventure Journals for your latest campaign, to catch up on the adventures of Tavis Maiden’s Tenko King by picking up a copy of the brand new Volume 2 before it’s available in stores, or to grab a Deconstructed Dice Hoodie to prepare for the chill of Fall! Table Titans Booth 2754 has you covered, see you at the show! 
Can't make the show? Dont' worry, we've got you covered. Use code GENCON2019 at checkout to get a 10% discount off your order from the Table Titans Shoppe ;)

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