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Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on January 27, 2013

We announced Table Titans almost six months ago at PAX 2012 to a packed panel room in Seattle. In early Jan 2013 we announced that we'd be working together with Dungeons and Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast to not only feature D&D adventures in the strip, but bring them to your table as well. It's all been talk up to this point. Lip service. Rumors whispered around warmly lit taverns.

Well the talk is over. The journey has begun. The players have gathered and it's time let that adventure hook snag us and drag us towards danger. Table Titans is live!

Our comic will update every Tuesday and Thursday, but we're going to have new content posted every weekday! Reader submitted Tales, Adventure hooks, Gaming tips and tricks, Monsters, Random Encounters and more. There's always a reason to stop by.

This has been a labor of love that so many people have worked tirelessly to make a reality. I'm so excited (and mildly terrified) to finally be able to present it to you.

Long live the Table Titans!

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