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Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on July 08, 2019

Hey, Titans, Scott here. I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on my father’s health. Many of you ask me about him online and at conventions. He’s been a part of the comic strip and I know many of you are fans and are concerned. Which means the world to us.

Dad had a couple falls last week and after some imaging, doctors found some new stroke activity. He’s being cared for now, and plans are for him to return to in-patient rehab and then he’ll be getting his own place with skilled care very close to where we currently live.

It’s been a challenging but rewarding seventeen months since we moved dad in to live with us. Being his caregivers has been a part-time (and some days a full-time) job. Everyone in our family (and this includes our extended and found families) have gone above and beyond to make dad comfortable, happy and included.

We’ve had family dinners, gone camping, seen movies, enjoyed backyard cookouts and cul de sac block parties. We’ve binged tv, learned to paint and frequented diners.

We’ve also fought over continuing physical therapy, driven to hundreds of doctor appointments, fallen behind on work, missed obligations and become less and less accessible to everyone.

Over the last seventeen months dad has slowly lost his ability to keep track of the days, then the time. He doesn’t completely follow the shows he’s watching or the movies we see. Between his poor hearing and his limitations in processing information, I see him struggle to keep up with some conversations.

We knew we were turning a corner where dad would require more attention that we can provide at home without giving up our jobs completely. The new stroke just moved our schedule up a bit sooner than we expected. So now dad gets his own place and skilled support. Which is good for everyone, myself included. He gets the care, activities and social interaction we could not provide and I get back time and sanity. Because when we’re not busy helping dad we’re busy worrying that we’re not doing enough. It was beginning to take a toll on everyone, dad included.

My dear readers, over the last two decades you have given me many gifts. You have supported my work, come to see me at shows, sent fan art and spread the word about Table Titans, PvP, Mappy, The Blamimations, our podcasts, and Acquisitions Incorporated. You cheered us on, encouraged us, and made this amazing life we get to lead possible.

But these last seventeen months have been your kindest gift. The missed updates, canceled appearances, and broken deadlines have been met not with contempt but with concern, support, and kindness. Thank you for that.

We don’t know what the future looks like. How dad will bounce back from this latest setback or what our chances are for avoiding another stroke. Things, however,  are not bleak. Papa is still here. He’s still, for better or worse, himself. Diminished, but still cantankerous, hilarious, and sentimental. So we’re going to do as the Stoics teach us and focus solely on the things that are 100% within our control.

I’ll keep you updated on dad’s wellbeing and you can expect our content posting schedule to improve greatly in the days, weeks and months to come as we settle into our new normal.

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