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PvP Definitive Edition Kickstarter

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on November 08, 2018


Over on our sister comic website, PvP (the place where Table Titans first began) we have just launched a new Kickstarter to celebrate two decades of the preeminent webcomic. The Definitive Edition will collect the first 20 years of PvP comics in their entirety plus an additional tome of never-before-seen content. Designed by famed illustrator and designer Rob Armbrister, with over 2,500 pages collected into 9 full-color, oversized 12"x10" hardcover volumes. PVP PRINTED IN COLOR FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWENTY YEARS!

Whether you were originally a PvP fan and discovered Table Titans there, or even if you're just a hardcore Titan, there are lots of different ways you can support this Kickstarter! Grab the 20th Anniversary Retrospective book, pickup all 9 Volumes of PvP Definitive Editions, go À La Carte and choose just the years you like the most, go All Digital and get 20 years of PvP delivered directly to you in a DRM free pdf, or just help us spread the word!

This Kickstarter is the quickest, and cheapest way to get the ultimate and definitive PvP collection for your shelves. Help us bring this collection to life and thank you for over two decades of support.

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