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The Fall of the Drow

Posted by Mustela Mustelidae on April 23, 2015

Travelling by night, our party of mid-level adventurers were passing through a mountain forest of tall dark pines that clustered thickly together. Snow was on the ground and there was no moon. The sky was clear and full of stars, looking down on our progress as we trudged over the crunchy whiteness.

Unfortunately, a Drow raiding party was also looking down on our progress. Perched high in the trees, they started taking pot-shots at us, laughing cruelly when their crossbows' sleeping poison sent our Fighter slumping to the ground right at the edge of a crevasse.

Our Rogue struggled to keep him from sliding over, cursing at the…

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The Strange Green Stone

Posted by Jack T. Colton on April 22, 2015

My friends and I are pretty hardcore gamers. We meet every Sunday for one of four games currently in progress, lasting from noon until well into the morning. During a game I was running, my friends were caught in a portion of the Abyss with no way out.

The party consisted of a Wizard, a Fighter, a Rogue, a Paladin, a Cleric, and a Barbarian. The party was exhausted, having to fight their way to what they thought was the exit from that plane.

The Barbarian had no Rages, the Wizard and Cleric no spells, and the Paladin had one use of Lay on Hands left. In front of them was not the exit, but a room with a strange spinning crystal…

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Barlowe the Pirate

Posted by Bob Harvey on April 22, 2015

During my time in the military there were long stretches of field duty where there was little to do or long weekends where my friends and I didn't have the energy (or the money) to go out. Most of us were gamers of one type or another. So, we decided to begin a campaign with one of our more experienced D&D players as DM.

Everyone started by building characters. As I had a modest amount of experience I decided to wait and see what others made so I could fill in any gaps. When all was said and done we had Fighters, Rangers, Mages and Clerics, but what we didn't have was a Rogue. So Barlowe, a Chaotic Neutral Rake, was born.


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Send More Monks

Posted by Sōhei on April 20, 2015

Have you ever felt that your DM was trying to kill you? Are there Assassins in every shadow waiting for you to drop your guard? Do random Dragons want a piece of you on a regular basis? Or have the Gods tried to smite your PC in person?

Yep. Your DM might just want your character dead.

In one campaign I was playing an Assassin with the bloodline of a Red Dragon. Was I optimized? Yes, yes I was. Was I a God-slaying abomination in mortal flesh? Most likely. The results of the time spent crafting my character showed.

Let’s set one thing straight: My DM approved this guy.

He was the Lawful Evil agent of the Lich King and was…

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The Staff of Striking

Posted by Gene Wigner on April 19, 2015

He thought he had me.

I was DM'ing for several years when my group attained a nice high level. One of them found a Ring of Three Wishes. He went for all his little heart desired.

"I wish I had a tamed Gold Dragon to ride."

Since I was young and just read some dragon books, the wish was granted.

"I wish my Staff of Striking had unlimited charges."

Since he had just gone on a long quest to recharge the staff, this seemed easy enough.

He kept his third wish for later.

Flying back to his fortress he noticed an army of Orcs approaching from the mountains. He thought himself invulnerable aboard his Dragon and dived…

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