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Lawful Criminal

Posted by Alphonse Gabrie on February 22, 2015
Lawful shmawful

As most players know, ‘Lawful’ does not, in fact, mean ‘obeys the law’. It really means that the character believes in being organized and having a sense of honor. By this definition, Al Capone was ‘Lawful’ even though he broke quite a few laws. This was the creed of my favorite Rogue (though this was back when the class was called Thief). His name was Vastris the Clever and he was Lawful Neutral with good-ish tendencies. He didn't advertise his choice of occupation and most PCs and NPCs believed he was some kind of swashbuckler, since he was very careful never to be caught using his Thief skills openly. He had even practiced the…

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The Exploding Rod

Posted by Lorelei Lee on February 18, 2015
Diamonds are a party’s best friend

During my last adventure I decided to play an Elf Psionicist. Her backstory was that she accidentally blew up the Elf King’s throne when he asked her for a demonstration of her power. After that, she was cursed to never tell anyone her name or they would die a horrible death.

She found her way to a nearby kingdom and was accepted into a group of adventurers; Stellis, Zerik and Finn. When they asked her her name, she replied,

"I cannot say, for it is cursed."

"So what do we call you?" Stellis asked.

To which Zerik replied, "A diamond in the rough."

"How about just Diamond?" Finn concluded.

I agreed to the name and we…

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The Wine Barrels, the Plagued, and the Giant Lizard

Posted by Ao Kaki on February 17, 2015
Daishikyū, hinan shite kudasai!

This tale begins with a Gestalt game, essentially taking the best part fo two character classes and mashing them together. Like multiclassing only mightier. Pretty silly rules to begin with, but at our level we were still in the world of reasonable. My character, who still remains one of my favorite characters ever, was Mr. Pokeylope. Because the rules of this game allowed for some cheese, his base race was Tortle (a race of turtle-people) mixed with Black Dragon and Merrow (Aquatic Ogre). Think a big, green, mossy Bowser. The rest of our party consisted of a Spellscale Necromancer with a scythe, a Tiefling Half-Dragon Wizard/Monk,…

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What Is This Featherfall You Speak Of?

Posted by Gaius Cassius Longinus on February 16, 2015

Our tremendously evil party was venturing through the Underdark chasing a group of Harpers, who were chasing our former Zhentarim employers. I think there was a group chasing us too... who knows.

Throughout the many pits and caverns we traversed, we eventually came to the bottom of a good-sized pit and found a nearly-dead man who had clearly fallen at least half the distance from the top. Both of this man's legs were shattered and bloodied, compound fractures abound. My Cleric extorted him for information on the grounds that we would heal him. He gave in and we decided he could be useful, so we patched up his legs and he was…

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Big Giant Kneecaps

Posted by David Goliath on February 15, 2015
I get weak in the knees...

Years and years ago I started playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. My dad and his old D&D buddies brought me into their game. I was maybe ten. I had played Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale so I knew the general idea, but the DM didn't let me roll a proper character.

Instead, he handed me a level zero Thief with terrible stats. Dex was the only ability in the double digits at 16. My dad was the resident Cleric (which was weird since he's more of a typical greedy Thief). The rest of the party had two Fighters, another Cleric, and a Mage.

My character was introduced to the party as an escort. I led them to the tower that…

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