Don’t Get Too Attached

Posted on February 17, 2017

When D&D 4th edition was first released, our group had been on hiatus for about a year. As the release neared, we got really excited and couldn’t wait for our game to begin (we got together the night before our new campaign started to roll up our new characters). I remember being especially proud of my fancy new Tiefling Warlock.

The campaign began with our party attempting to sneak into a city currently under siege by a neighboring empire. To enter the city undetected, we had to travel through an unused tunnel system.

Within the first large antechamber of the tunnel system, we had our first encounter against a group of Kobolds. Unf…

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A Path to Victory

Posted on February 15, 2017

A DM new to me (but familiar to the other players) was running an Underdark-themed campaign. Our party was a mix of Deep Dwarves and Humans—two of us were Dwarven Warriors, one was a Human Mage, another was a Human Rogue.

We did some adventuring and the characters worked up through about third level. Along the way we picked up a few random unidentified bits of loot (including a nice necklace I had acquired). Then we got in over our heads.

We happened into an Underdark city that was renowned for slave trading. We came across temples of dark gods, some nasty NPCs, and all sorts of uglies—monsters, abominations, etc. One of us (the Mag…

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The Ooze Beast

Posted on February 10, 2017

At the time I was eleven years old, and due to some really nasty (but successful) backstabbing attempts on fellow players, my group elected that an eleven-year-old should be the tank. And so it went—I rolled a tank that wielded a huge shield and sword. His name was  “The Infamous G.”

Our first dungeon as a new group was going swell. I had yet to get into any serious trouble... yet. we proceeded to a strangely open room with a fountain in the middle. To screw with my overly serious teammates, I decided to climb the fountain, dance, and strip. They stared in anger as they called for me to stop screwing around, but one by one their face…

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Complex Problems With Simple Solutions

Posted on February 09, 2017

It was my first time playing a Rogue. Our DM was very open to oddball character builds, so I built myself a Gnoll Rogue with a thug/extortionist temperament (rather than the usual sneaky type). Standing at eight feet tall and weighing around 300 lbs, he was a bruiser who carried a large selection of knives.

The party included a Sorcerer, a Paladin, a Fighter, and my Rogue. We were tasked by a tree spirit to rid a temple of dark magic taint which was leaking into the forest and affecting the surrounding woods and local creatures. The temple was filled with demons and undead, which were being summoned by a sorcerer deep within the temp…

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Preparatory Non-Action

Posted on February 08, 2017

In our current campaign, one of our players has a Dwarf Thief named Mcnabb. Mcnabb is a Heavy Crossbow wielding, ranged backstabbing murder machine… when everything lines up properly. This has only happened once.

The vast majority of his time in combat consists of preparatory non-action. Basically he spends the first three to four rounds of our nail-biting combats "preparing" that one big strike.

Hide in Shadows the first round. Move Silently through shadows into place the second (and maybe third) rounds. Use a Feat to pump up his accuracy and damage in the next round. Then, finally, burst from the shadows with a ranged backstab att…

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