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The Ballad of Sam the NPC

Posted by J. Joyce on September 28, 2014
No, the other Sam

I played in a long-running game with some friends for several years back in high school. The game was set in a world that contained both magic and technology, though not always in the same locations.

In our first few sessions, the party was called upon to track down some Necromancers who were performing some terrorist attacks on a city. This was a particularly important mission to our party Mage, who just happened to be from a peaceful sect of Necromancers that only wanted to be left alone to study the process of life and death. He'd been the one sent on this mission in the first place and had recruited the rest of us to help him…

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What Plan?

Posted by Walter Dornberger on September 25, 2014

During a very large campaign our DM, my Father, thought about pulling some wool over our eyes with a mystery that turned all our heads in circles. Our party consisted of 3 Fighters, 2 Clerics, 1 Ranger, 2 Magic-users, 2 Thieves, and 1 Druid. We were a big family. Of course our Fighters seemed to clean everything up along our journey even dispatching several Giants of assorted types. It wasn't until we found a Duke of Hell with his faithful Hell Hounds that we hit a real roadblock.

This Duke seemed to be examining a orb-like object in the middle of an empty desert. After a four hour long talk (again, we’re a HUGE family) we had…

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Presence in the Pit

Posted by E.A. Poe on September 24, 2014

The party was three: the Halfling Rogue known as Sylin Wyrmhide, Jolonda the Human Mage, and the Orc called Bob. Fresh from investigating the “Quest of Finding Out If That Innkeeper Did Actually Have More Ale” the group got wind of a town plagued by nightmares. Curiosity got the better of them and they set out.

They arrived and found the town abandoned. Further investigation found it to be an old mining town. Picks and shovels and carts full of assorted rocks were left to time, but the footprints looked fresh and they all pointed away from one shaft. There were no signs of a fight, no blood or death. The party delved inside the…

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The Fortitude to Cast

Posted by Shinshoku on September 23, 2014

My group was playing our second D&D game with an all new party, and I was having a rough time of it. We’d just come out of a rather bad campaign with a terrible first attempt at building our own characters, so I was looking forward to my new brand new Shugenja. The Shugenja was an old 3.5 edition class. A divine spellcaster who attuned to the primal energies and focused such energy through the body to produce magical effects. Just imagine a Fire Nation bender from Avatar: the Last Airbender and you’ll be on the right track.

I was finding my very by-the-rules Shugenja character to be extremely lacking in comparison to the rest of…

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Failure from Success

Posted by H. Dresden on September 22, 2014
Oh... it's more than just a bundle of stuff.

I was running an adventure for a single character, a Wizard working as a private investigator in Eberron. When rolling her character she passed on the Adventurer's Kit. The Adventuerer’s Kit, as it’s name implies, includes all the basics of adventuring: rope, flint, whetstone, bedroll, waterskin, etc. Our newly formed Wizard figured that in a city adventure one doesn't need to worry about things such as these. She was dead wrong.

She was hired by an NPC to search the underground ruins of one of Sharn's many towers where she met her first hurdle: a very deep shaft. She had a grappling hook, hammer, and pitons, but... no rope.…

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