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The Surgeon Mage

Posted by Walton Lillehei on May 14, 2015

Back in highschool I played D&D off and on with a group of friends. The problem was that we never played with any cohesion. Games could take place a month apart and we'd always re-roll our characters every time we'd get together. It was hard to take games seriously knowing nothing we did or looted would matter in the long run. This lead to some pretty ridiculous games.

My role in our group was to provide some spell slinging support, usually as a Mage. I did this despite not actually reading any kind of manual, which usually meant I had no idea how many dice to use, or what kind, every time I cast a spell. One thing I did know how…

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The Tale of Blind Steve

Posted by Zatoichi on May 12, 2015

In my small town it's very difficult to find people to play D&D. But, one snowy afternoon, I managed to get a group of friends to come over for a game.

Our DM had a rather simple adventure planned out for us. The local Guild Master's son had disappeared. We were given the task of finding him. Our only clue: the boy loved reading in the library.

In our team we had a drunk Elf Mage named Cryllen, a Human knife-throwing Rogue named Ellen, and the leader of our fine company was another Rogue, a tiny Halfling called Quinten. My large, burly Elven Ranger named Rao had a very high tracking ability. From the library we tracked the son…

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Pan of Destruction

Posted by Sartén on May 12, 2015

Our group of friends gathered together to play a game of Dungeons & Dragons. I was the only experienced player in the group. The DM had quite the task ahead of him. My wife decided to join in on the session and rolled an Elf Druid named Kael with a haunted past, a desire to protect the forest, and the ability to shapeshift into a unicorn.

It was during the second session that Kael really stood out.

We had been framed for mass murder of some nobles. The DM was chasing us down with the City Guards and a Griffon. They were hot on our heels. One of our players was one of the head officers of the town and he was adamant. No killing! Read more

Bard Crits are the Best

Posted by Bartleby Barbosa Abignale on May 07, 2015

Bartleby Barbosa Abignale, the Egregious Prevaricator and Magnificent Bastard. The first character I built from head to toe. He died a mess of haphazardly assigned Skill Points and was plagued by multiclassing drawbacks from day one, but that Changeling Rogue/Bard will always be my favorite character for his random shenanigans and constant costume/personality/gender swapping.

Whenever my friends and I trade D&D stories, this is the Bartleby story I always end up telling...

Our group had come across a treasure map. It took us three sessions and lead us halfway across the world, ending at a dungeon that held a princess' dowry. We…

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The Bet

Posted by Connor Hawke on May 06, 2015

During a campaign that spanned much of my teenage years, my group played the part of pawns in a war between two ancient Dragons. They couldn't be bothered to actually fight each other. I suspect it was more like a game of chess to them. At varying points we would work for one or the other while traveling all over the known world.

At one point fairly late in the campaign we met one Dragon face to snout to receive instructions. He was the one we thought was good (or better anyway) and was, at the time, our preferred boss.

He wanted us to meet the other Dragon and crush a gem he had given us so they could speak to each other…

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