Sun Sword Soul

Posted on October 17, 2017

We're big fans of 5e, and our rookie DM decided she wanted to start off by running Out of the Abyss. She gave us a quick background. Based on it (and a couple of long-standing desires for unusual characters), we made our party. At full strength our group has an Aasimar who looks like a Drow, devoted to telling other Drow how awesome the surface world is; a Wood Elf Mage who has such close ties to the Underdark that she was named for the Drow moon goddess; a xenophobic Halfling Rogue, who maintains she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time; a Satyr Bard who plays merry tunes on Pipes of Haunting; a Barbarian Earth Genasi who is…

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Best Worst Paladins

Posted on October 16, 2017

One gaming session, several regular members had to cancel at the last minute. This left the DM and two of us sitting at the table scratching our heads. We decided to run a one-shot session.

As the DM prepared the session, my co-conspirator and I decided that the only way to make a two man session work was to play two Paladins. After creating our min-maxed characters, the Paladins Roland and Ozamatash Buckshank set out on their quest, both with an intelligence and wisdom of 8.

We were supposed to start at a bar and infiltrate a Cultists' compound. We failed miserably and were set upon by robe wearing Cultists. According to the module…

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The Acid Well - Part 2

Posted on October 03, 2017

After the surprisingly easy win over the ogre, our party was ready to leave the tower and return home. The DM suddenly had us roll perception checks. The Paladin and Ranger both noticed a very small side room with a pedestal in it. Peering in, the only object on the pedestal was a bloodshot eye.

One Arcana check later and the object was identified as the Eye of Vecna. If you know nothing else of Vecna, know that he (and his eye) were undoubtedly and absolutely evil. To even gain the power of the Eye requires the user to gouge out their own eye and replace it with the Eye of Vecna.

Most of our party were immediately repulsed by this …

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The Acid Well - Part 1

Posted on October 01, 2017

My 4th edition party had just completed a major quest chain and had traveled through a portal, which took us to the top of an unknown tower. All we had to do was descend the tower and we could return to our home base of operations to rest, regroup, and discuss our next steps. If only it were so simple.

At the base of the tower was a large, ornately decorated room that contained a well filled with acid on one side, and an ogre boss guarding the exit on the other side. The plan we crafted was simple enough. Our Paladin and Ranger would sneak to opposite ends of the room halfway between the well and the ogre. My Rogue would then jump on…

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Mundane Made Awesome

Posted on September 29, 2017

Many years ago, our DM had us playing the old Dragonlance modules with the much flawed 3.0 edition of D&D. Back then we (a 5th level party) had just recovered the Hammer of Kharras from the Dwarf King’s mausoleum. Then, Lord Verminaard attacked Thorbardin.

Lord Verminaard’s army had the Dwarves busy defending the gates while he flew over the floating mausoleum to deal with our party. Long story short, we weren't able to land any significant damage on him since he was well out of our league, and his dragon kept him safely out of reach of the bruisers. Additionally, the dragon itself had such magic resistance that our spells were usele…

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