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Fear Conquers All

Posted on July 26, 2016

We had a Dragonborn Sorcerer in our campaign who couldn’t hit anything. During the first encounter, he tried to hit a small group of kobolds a few feet in front of him by shooting a Fireball into the air. It missed... and alerted more kobolds who decided to come and party. If not for the intervention of an NPC Priest, the party would have been wiped in the first town.

The second time, the Sorcerer was trying to kill a cult member standing directly in front of him. But he missed and scorched the ground, resulting in a battle that got another PC killed.

We were escorting a caravan when it was attacked by giant spiders. Normally…

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There’s Your Meat!

Posted on July 25, 2016

It’s been many years since I last played D&D, but I recently had the chance to sit in on a game with some friends. Rather than roll up a new character, the DM let me play the part of a Goblin the party had captured and intimidated into revealing the secrets of the dungeon. Thus, I got to roleplay Grod the Goblin.

The next room of the dungeon was down the hallway. I suggested that the Fighter stand to one side of the closed door while the Rogue stood to the other side. I told them to wait, then I knocked loudly on the door.

"Who's There?" a gruff Orcish voice called out from inside.

"Goblin meat service! Come and get your…

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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Splinter

Posted on July 24, 2016

Improbable strings of dice rolls lead to great stories. This is one such tale.

My fellow players and I were new to D&D. During one of our first forays into an actual dungeon we reached a room devoid of anything but furniture. We began to look for treasure and secret doors, ignorant of the importance of looking for traps first. And so, we were caught flat-footed as two chairs, an end table, and a rug all sprang into action to defend their home.

Our Sorcerer, not one to pass up an opportunity to play with fire, gleefully cast burning hands. The flames quickly spread among the animated furniture. We backed out of the room through a…

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On the Invention of Nicknames

Posted on July 21, 2016

Our party is both relatively new to the game (only one of us has been playing for more than a year) and new to the rules (we just got 5th edition! Yay!) and, as a result, we're still working a few things out. Such as, our characters' names.

Now they all have lovely names; Darvin Dundragon the Rogue, Sariel Moonbrook the Elven Paladin, Veit Holderhek the Dwarven Bard, and my own character, Zook Waywocket the Gnome Warlock. Only one has a nickname, however: Zook, aka "Zook the Irredeemably Evil."

This didn't sit well with our Bard, who took it upon himself to try and figure out nicknames for the others that he could use in a…

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Hero of the People

Posted on July 21, 2016

In the famously epic dungeon crawler, The World's Largest Dungeon, there is little need to roleplay. This did not deter our Dungeon Master from introducing his own flair to the campaign, nor our intrepid party from creating an assortment of quirky characters to bicker and squabble throughout the entire game.

Faced with the challenge of coordinating a large (8+) group of adult players with conflicting schedules, the DM presented the dungeon as a labyrinth on the cross of many planes, shifting between them in a way that our characters popped seemingly into and out of existence as their players became available. One such character, a…

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