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Gnome Tossing

Posted by Lord Littlebrook on October 19, 2014
give em the giant swing

Our gaming group was very new to D&D, mostly first timers with just a couple veterans. We worked hard to get our team leveled up and figure out a good party balance. We were finally starting to get a feel for the game.

To keep the fights interesting our DM liked to throw a variety of unusual monsters at us. One such set was a pack of Living Vines. When the fight starting going badly, one of the newcomers turned to one of our veteran players, a Gnome Rogue, he doused him in oil, lit him on fire, and threw him at the Living Vines.

I don't know which was funnier, the surprising effectiveness of his action, or the outrage of the…

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High Priestess of… Nevermind

Posted by Jack Ketch on October 16, 2014
two tacos with a side of frustration

My most fond memory of gaming was when our high level characters were forced to battle Eclavdra. A High Priestess who was presented as the chosen of Lolth. After Eclavdra was revealed to us, but before the battle, Lolth (as voiced by our DM) started in on an excruciatingly long rant. Basically monologuing evil plans, etc. Normal big bad stuff.

We’d all had just about enough of this so my Barbarian called a critical shot, a feat the DM made available for me, and attacked Eclavdra with a Vorpal Bastard Sword while Lolth was busy talking. The attack succeeded and the strike ended up decapitating Lolth's High Priestess in front of…

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The New Guy

Posted by DJ Qualls on October 15, 2014
Sorry dude

A few years ago I was working towards drumming up some new players to start a gaming group. To this end I planned a short one-off session and invited some friends who had expressed interest in the game. One of my friends was new to tabletop roleplaying but had a lot of experience with console RPG's.

Near the end of the adventure, which had been wrought with disaster from the start, the party had found some ceramic flasks that had been sealed on both ends. Our new player guessed correctly that it contained something dangerous and wanted to test one of them by throwing it at a near-by tree. Just for fun, I told him to roll a d20 and…

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The Golden Rule

Posted by Gary G. on October 14, 2014
Just... dont

My friends and I had just started our first ever session of D&D with me as DM, since I had the most knowledge of the game. We were in the town of Kiris Dahn, which had been overrun with Goblins and Kobolds. Just after entering the town from a hidden passage, one of our members suggests splitting the group up to cover more ground. The party consisted of only four players. I told them to decide amongst themselves and after only a minute they all but unanimously agreed to this plan. The Human Fighter and Dragonborn Fighter went off to the Kobold slums in search of treasure while the Elven Cleric and Half-Elf Warlord went to the old…

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Natural Born Gamers

Posted by D. Veloz on October 13, 2014
It's fate, you know

I recently DM'ed the first adventure for my two daughters who are 7 and 10 years old. I kept it simple in the likes of old school Basic Edition. My elder daughter played an Elf lass who plied her bow with deadly precision. My youngest, a Pixie Sorceress with a Brown Bear companion christened "Huggles".

These three companions had been tasked with clearing a Goblin Warren that had been raiding the nearby Halfling village. After dispatching the Goblin lookouts, sneaking in to the warren and silencing some drunken guards, the intrepid trio came across what was to be the climactic battle.

Bursting into a large chamber where the rest…

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