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Heavy as a Horse

Posted by Samson Shire on October 04, 2015

We were playing D&D for the first time, and none of the players had much experience with any kind of RPG.

We were in the middle of buying equipment when the DM announced that he would use the rules of Encumbrance and Carrying Capacity for our equipment and cargo.

Everyone ran to the books, checking their items and getting rid of all kinds of heavy and useless equipment. One player whose name I will not mention here was playing a Human Paladin. Worriedly, he asked for the weight of a Warhorse.

“Why?” asked the DM. “Are you planning to carry it on your back?”

Since then, that player earned the nickname ‘Horseback’.

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Pants Not Optional

Posted by Fruitov Theloom on October 01, 2015

Half-Orc Barbarians are known for many things, intelligence not being one of them.

In the case of one particular Half-Orc, however, dumb luck should have been his middle name.

During his first dungeon crawl, our Half-Orc friend decided that the best way through a locked door was to destroy the door. It broke to pieces, but shocked the Barbarian oaf in its death throes (yes, in D&D even doors can have death throes).

Well, we got through the rest of the dungeon well enough, and went to exploring the rooms we had previously ignored. There was nothing - no valuable treasures to be found, just a couple of random wooden tables.…

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Posted by Squirrel Girl on September 30, 2015

Due to a new life circumstance, I hadn’t been available to make our regular gaming session in quite some time. I was playing an evil Cleric and was the party’s main source of heals. In my absence, my character was always present in battle for auto-heals, but inconsequential to the story or larger combat strategy. I managed to make it to the end of a session, and walked into the very beginning of the months-in-the-making climactic boss battle.

A twelve-headed hydra well above our level was guarding a massive magical tree. We were across the field from the creature, and planning our surprise round.

Our Paladin charged across the…

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A Wild Plot Twist Appears

Posted by Victor Von Doom on September 29, 2015

"There are many things I have seen... the god I follow has given me sight..."

"Is it 'sight beyond sight?'"

I sighed. My players laughed over the internet connection. We were in a pretty big roleplaying moment with a major NPC in the campaign, a prophet. Then I remembered that I was also the one who threw a Doctor Doom-themed NPC at them earlier in the campaign.

"It is absolutely sight beyond sight. He says, 'I have been given sight beyond sight...'"

Things in the online campaign I was running were tense right then. Three players were captured and being tortured elsewhere. The remaining player was getting support from…

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Summon Nature’s Ally

Posted by Opononi Jack on September 28, 2015

I've been playing desktop RPGs for about thirty years. My kids have been exposed to sci-fi and fantasy in the books, movies, and comics around the house, so I knew it was only a matter of time before their interest in gaming blossomed. My daughter is now eleven, and she decided she would really like to join a local game. A friend of mine was just starting a campaign that was kid-friendly, so my daughter and I jumped in with a group of level 1 characters. She decided to play a Gnome Druid. Because it was a newly-released character class, I chose to play a Gunslinger, with the approval of the DM.

We started with a common campaign…

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