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On the Invention of Nicknames

Posted on July 21, 2016

Our party is both relatively new to the game (only one of us has been playing for more than a year) and new to the rules (we just got 5th edition! Yay!) and, as a result, we're still working a few things out. Such as, our characters' names.

Now they all have lovely names; Darvin Dundragon the Rogue, Sariel Moonbrook the Elven Paladin, Veit Holderhek the Dwarven Bard, and my own character, Zook Waywocket the Gnome Warlock. Only one has a nickname, however: Zook, aka "Zook the Irredeemably Evil."

This didn't sit well with our Bard, who took it upon himself to try and figure out nicknames for the others that he could use in a…

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Hero of the People

Posted on July 21, 2016

In the famously epic dungeon crawler, The World's Largest Dungeon, there is little need to roleplay. This did not deter our Dungeon Master from introducing his own flair to the campaign, nor our intrepid party from creating an assortment of quirky characters to bicker and squabble throughout the entire game.

Faced with the challenge of coordinating a large (8+) group of adult players with conflicting schedules, the DM presented the dungeon as a labyrinth on the cross of many planes, shifting between them in a way that our characters popped seemingly into and out of existence as their players became available. One such character, a…

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The Mule with No Name

Posted on July 18, 2016

We were playing Ravenloft. I could tell you our classes and who we were but none of that mattered and for the sake of brevity let’s skip it. This isn’t our story. This is the story of my mule.

There we were; four adventurers, the DM, and the mule. I don’t remember what I named the mule and it haunts me still, for he deserved better. This is the story of “The Mule.”

At Char-gen I bought a mule. The rest of the party ridiculed me, saying that in Ravenloft it wouldn’t last past the first encounter. Ignoring their vicious laughs, I bought the mule, a cart, and ten days feed.

We walked through the forest… well in truth, we were…

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Posted on July 17, 2016

It was our first adventure together, our party consisting of a Half-Orc Barbarian whose strength was oddly proportional to her charisma; a plucky Rogue who was only in it for the loot; a stereotypical Ranger who worshipped Pelor and all things happy and sunny; and myself, a Cleric of Pelor who was the latest generation in a long line of divine spellcasters.

We’d adopted a friend into that night's session, and she brought along her special snowflake, a neutral evil Half-Elf Bard who worshipped Obad-Hai.

The six of us (The DM had included his own player character because we were all either incredibly new or incredibly rusty) set…

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Flame On!

Posted on July 15, 2016

It was my first adventure with a new group as a player. As a DM, I really get into the Role-play part of adventuring. Enter Bjerk Gnatthistle, Gnome Bard. The rest of the party consisted of a Human Cleric of Pelor, a Half-Dragon Fighter, and a Halfling min/max "Rogue" with a wand of Magic Missiles.

Pleasantries aside and journeying complete, we entered a cave that wound under the mountain. We survived our first battle mostly unscathed--our mini-max took out the entire party of eight Goblins before most of us drew our weapons.  The only exception was our Cleric, who held the only torch (don't ask), and thus, lost the (only) torch…

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