That One Wish

Posted on August 17, 2018

My friends and I had recently embarked on an epic-level campaign, as our DM had gotten his hands on a book and decided to forego a longer campaign to reach epic levels. He handed us some character sheets and ordered us to create 20th level characters. After many hours of poring over rule books and discussing the potential magical equipment epic level characters would obviously have, we formed the Furious Five.

We had a Dwarven Barbarian, an Elven Sorcerer, a Human Monk, an Elven Cleric, and my Elven Druid. Lots of pointy ears, but what can I say—LOTR had just come out and elves were cool again.

We sallied forth on a quest of dragon-…

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An Explosive Ending

Posted on August 16, 2018

When I started a D&D group originally, it was pretty small. Fast forward a few years and it had gotten to the point where I was DMing for around 10 people at once. Fast forward a little more and we now had two groups—one I was DMing, while the other was being run by a friend of mine.

We had decided to meet outside of our usual day, and the entire group I DM’d for decided not to show. So I whipped out an Aasimar Paladin I had worked up the night before, for just this eventuality, and inserted him into the other group.

Now, my friend who was DMing this group had cooked up some pretty nasty things to pit against the players. The charac…

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The Other Evil

Posted on August 08, 2018

The party I was DMing for consisted of a Dwarf Barbarian, a High Elf Ranger, a Half-Elf Rogue, a lawful evil Human Sorcerer (with the most badass name ever, Grimm Buckman), and finally a chaotic neutral Gnomish Bard. The background I got for this Gnome was that he was on a permanent revenge quest against all the people who had in one way or another destroyed some portion of forest. Essentially he was a hyper-radical Captain Planet.

I started off the group in a town that was filled up to the brim with bandits, and a corrupt mayor that let them do whatever they pleased so long as it profited him. The guards were helpless against these …

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Appropriate Looting

Posted on August 07, 2018

We had a Gnome Thief named Penny in our game. Her player was devoted to playing Penny in a particular manner—to have her take anything that wasn't nailed down.

Of course, the Cleric didn't take too kindly to that. But with a huge Tiefling Barbarian as her partner, no one protested too much. In fact, she started coming in handy when she passed her ‘check for traps’ and ‘disarm traps’ checks (around 3rd level).

Being the DM, my biggest issue was having to always ask Penny's player if she was sure she wanted to steal something. She could not resist stealing everything in sight, including things in people's pockets. She definitely loote…

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Tastes Like Chicken

Posted on August 06, 2018

I had been invited to join some friends in a campaign. Now I had played for years with another group of friends, but this would be my first session with these guys. We already had a Human Thief, a Dwarf Cleric and a Mage, so I decided that I would play a Fighter. I rolled up an Orc Fighter named Thar. I was determined to roleplay the typical Fighter—all brawn and no brains.

After a typically nasty fight, the party was beaten and battered with very little in the way of spells or healing left. During the fight our Thief had one of his arms chopped off, so the Cleric and Mage were trying to help him out with what we had on hand and were…

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