We Don’t Have Time for This

Posted on June 23, 2017

We were playing in a 3.5e game that had been going on for awhile (and in which I was struggling). Our party just wasn’t quite clicking in-game RP-wise and, worse, my character was driving me a little nuts in the mechanics department.

A Shugenja designed mostly for blasting, he was being somewhat blown away by the rest of the party, consisting of a Warlock, a Cleric, a Barbarian, and my own friend’s ridiculously optimized Swordsage. I was also suffering a string of bad luck in the dice department. So, no fun in the RP department and not much activity in the 'fighting things' department. Bleh. I kept playing him, however, because he ke…

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Casualties of Invisibility

Posted on June 22, 2017

During a one-shot Underdark campaign, we were hired by an NPC I promptly nicknamed Goldilocks on account of his golden chariot, shiny gold clothing, bright yellow hair, and utterly idiotic demeanor. He hired us for a suspiciously high amount of gold, and was soon leading us through some mines.

In addition to our group of four players, the party also had two evil NPC's that were largely irrelevant; two Dwarf brothers, one of which was an Assassin with a crazy eye, and the other a mute carrying a maul. When the party came to a field of paralyzing mushrooms, I promptly made an idiot of myself by rolling a 1 on an attempt to toss a Conju…

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Dust of What, Now?

Posted on June 21, 2017

I was running a game for some friends, and they were attempting to sneak into a major Drow city (you know the one). They entered through a back passage which dropped them way off in the residential district. So far so good.

Unfortunately for my intrepid adventurers, they happened to catch the attention of the local street gang who decided that non-Drow adventurers traveling through the residential neighborhoods was a bit out of place. This gang of street-toughs, doing their civic duty, approached these out-of-towners and politely (see: demanded) a "toll" for "safe passage," which boiled down to "Give us 100 GP per person in your part…

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Posted on June 20, 2017

Our DM started our adventure in a prison. We had a Human Rogue, a Tiefling Ranger, a Goliath Paladin, and my Warforged Warlock.

After we escaped, we headed out into the wilds. We went through a forest and came upon a nice home and a barn in the middle of the field. Not thinking much of it we decided to head towards it, and that's where things took a dark turn.

The Rogue and the Paladin checked out the house, while myself and the Ranger inspected the barn. The DM started out with the Rogue and the Paladin in the house. The place was abandoned for some reason. There was nothing of interest in the house, so they came outside to meet ba…

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Blessing or Curse

Posted on June 19, 2017

I’ve been a DM for the better part of a decade now. In my latest session I ran a vintage AD&D module adapted to 5th edition. Now, the older editions of D&D, especially the ones before 3rd edition, are notorious for their randomness in magical rewards.

One of the items my players came about and identified was a very special cursed ring. The ring itself could have been very useful, because of its property to make the user fly, but there was a catch. Anyone who wore the ring could never agree with anyone else's opinion or suggestions, and would go to almost any length to support their own ones even if they knew deep down they were wrong…

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