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A Tale of Two Siblings

Posted on June 23, 2016

It was a Sunday afternoon, and we were bored. So I decided to make a little mini-adventure for my nine-year-old son and six-year-old daughter.

My son was a Dwarf Knight named Ellington III, who was descended from a royal family. But, due to their mines drying up, the family title had been reduced from Duke to a mere Baron.

My daughter was an Elf named Mellisia, a hybrid Rogue/Cleric that wanted to be good at healing, cooking, and at art. She was at her favorite restaurant in town when the Dwarf arrived. He tried to commission her to make him a forged invitation to the King's upcoming ball. His plan was to sneak into the castle…

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If Horses Had Stealth

Posted on June 22, 2016

A group of friends and I were playing 3.5, and my character was a Weretiger Ranger. Our plan was to ambush a group of bandits, and we were really keen on getting that element of surprise. As we were in a forest, the party members could hide just fine. The problem was our horses.

We didn't want to hide them too far, because then something might happen to them. Too close and they would be noticed. After a few suggestions, and various proposals, I stood up and said, "I put the horses up a tree!"

The DM laughed. While I had the strength for it, I had to find a tree that could hold their weight. He proposed I roll for nature…

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The Great Anvilkrag Beer Contest

Posted on June 20, 2016

Our party had arrived in a Dwarven town where my Human Fighter was raised. Yes, my Human was raised by Dwarves.

I’d received word that a rival clan was, heaven forbid, trying to tax our ale. We spent the evening enjoying the revelry of our clan champion's return. The next day, we set out to gather sympathisers to our cause. In the end, we settled on ruining the rival clan's name through simple sabotage.

I stood outside the clan compound shouting loud insults and challenges to their own champion. Meanwhile, the Cleric and Druid snuck into the brewery and proceeded to cast Purify Food and Water on all the kegs they could find,…

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Last Man Standing

Posted on June 19, 2016

I love building complex characters. But during a one-shot with some newer players, I decided to go against my norm and make the simplest character I could--a good-natured Halfling Rogue, full of stealth and charisma.

Thus, Lem Shemmy, master thief, was born.

Our quest for buried treasure began with Lem sweet-talking the crew of our expedition ship into gifting us fifty sausage links, cheese, bread, fruit, ale, and a donkey to carry it all. We were to be gone for no more than a day, but Lem abhorred the thought of going hungry.

He continued to pester his companions--a Bard, a Paladin, and a Barbarian--to not rest until, at…

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Junk Food

Posted on June 16, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, my six-year-old asked me to play D&D with him. He wanted to play so badly, so I looked up the D&D for Kids on Wizards of the Coast.

We read a little, and he chose a character to play.

Everything was great. He managed to solve the riddles, figured out how to fight the monsters, and the game really helped him in figuring out math.

The problem came when he made ready to pass through a tunnel.

The situation was this; he was hungry and exhausted. So at the end of the tunnel I put a really huge mountain of chocolate in front of him, with rivers of candy and soda.

You should have seen his face.


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