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Tom’s Shop

Posted on May 30, 2016

One of my favorite characters from my high school D&D group was Tom. Tom was an aged man, very creepy, and had a magical shop that teleported as the players needed. Tom was strategically also the main villain of the entire campaign and was a god at haggling. 

One of the best Tom stories was when the team's Bard wished to switch from playing the piano to the jaw-harp. He decided to buy one off of Tom. Tom informed him that he had three, but they were all made of human flesh.

After a long winded debate, Tom revealed that all three were actually the same jaw-harp and there were multiples due to time-travel. Also, the Bard was…

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The Dragon’s Words

Posted on May 26, 2016

In the middle of the desert, protected by an impenetrable ring of mountains, was a city.

We’d managed to sneak and lie our way into the city, pursuing a former party member who’d stolen from us. We quickly learned that every citizen was a member of a cult that, as part of a big celebration every ten years, used its army to slaughter anyone in the desert who wasn’t a citizen. This was all done in the name of their goddess, a dragon called the White Lady who lived in the mountains.

A major part of the celebration was when a special representative called the Dragonspeaker would climb up to the dragon’s lair, speak with her, and…

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A Gnome Named Fish

Posted on May 25, 2016

My friends and I, all being young nerds, decided it would be fun to start our own D&D group. After spending about an hour trying to share the only rule book to create mighty characters, we admired our work and set out to play and slay. But, as can be expected from a group of 13 year olds, not all of the characters were perfect fantasy fighters.

By this I mean Fish. At least it's pronounced fish; the original spelling is quite different. Created from the mad mind of my friend, Fish was a psychotic Barbarian Gnome who spoke no recognizable languages. With a strength stat that should be impossible on something of that stature, Fish…

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You Guard the Door

Posted on May 24, 2016

Many years ago, my group played a Dark Sun campaign using the 2nd edition rules. We were a small group of escaped slaves consisting of a Thri-kreen Ranger, a Half-Giant Fighter, a Mul (Half-Dwarf) Cleric and a couple of Humans (Thief and Preserver Mage).

The Mul Cleric was the most noteworthy character for the following reason: the player up until this point had always played a Fighter. When playing his Fighter, he often charged into combat with the expectation that the party Cleric would always be standing right behind constantly casting cure spells on him.

When our Clerics refused to play along with his scheme (due mainly to…

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Curse of the Crit Fail

Posted on May 23, 2016

Sometimes you receive a sign that it time to stop playing. Other times you just refuse to accept it.

It was just another Friday at our local shop and we were back to play in our campaign that had now been going for six months. All of us being experienced players, we’d decided to begin this campaign with higher-level characters.

Having been chosen as a champion of the Dragon gods and acting as a judicator for one of the thirteen realms in our universe, our 25th level character, Grael va Nash, had gear that could end a god if the need arose.

Well, the need arose.

Our party had taken a few months in-game to return to their…

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