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Not Today

Posted on September 22, 2016

This is the story of a cursed puppet that became quite the pain.

My daughter, nieces, and some of their friends had been getting together to play D&D every other weekend. On their adventure, Bob (whose name is the same both forward and backward, so stupid people can remember) was found by our Fighter/Rogue, who instantly took a shining to the puppet because it bit her in-game (and real life) sister.

Bob was created in the adventure to announce the party's presence and ruin all sneak attacks, to say snide comments to important diplomatic people, and in general cause mayhem. Yet Invidia loved him for his twisted wit and cruel…

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How to Earn Mistrust

Posted on September 21, 2016

I DM for a pretty regular group, but due to our schedules we've usually had to cut our games short after a few months. As such it was a nice change of pace when we had a campaign last over a year and a half with a solid crew, missing only a few games here and there.

The campaign had a Gothic horror theme, full of Werewolves, creepy castles, and Devils every which way making deals and killing folks. There was also a lot of build-up to my Big Boss character, an ancient Vampire Queen who was more than likely hunting the last living member of her family, an NPC named Lilly who the party had taken to protecting.

As the fighting with…

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Even Useless Magic Items are Useful

Posted on September 20, 2016

While playing a low level mage adventuring with a new group, I was surprised to find a magic item store in a city we visited. Primarily because my previous DM's had made sure that magic items were extremely rare.

The DM could sense my kid-in-a-candy-store excitement, and correctly surmised that she might be treading in dangerous waters. I could sense the caution in the DM as I began to shop for items in the store. Sure enough, the prices of anything "useful" were well beyond the means of a low level character such as myself.

I was just about to leave the shop in disappointment when the shopkeeper, wanting to make a sale, began…

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Where One Door Opens

Posted on September 19, 2016

A long time ago a group of friends and I were playing in a 3.5 game. One of my friends was playing a good ole' fashioned Barbarian named Fluffy. Fluffy was somewhat of a klepto. He would steal just about anything that wasn't nailed down, and a good portion of the stuff that was, too. He had the strength to lug most of his conquests around as well. Plus the intimidation roll to make anyone think twice about asking him to put it all back.

We were on a mission that was taking place in a castle dungeon, heading to take out one of the big bads. We were making our way through and Fluffy was doing his usual thing of picking up anything…

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Beware of Dark Rooms

Posted on September 18, 2016

A few new players recently joined our 4th Edition campaign, and so a Human Monk and an Elven Cleric joined the party. The rest of our group consisted of an Elven Ranger with multiple personalities; a Goblin that, due to personal reasons (the player couldn't attend the past few sessions), was currently in the air vent; a Human Cleric of Bahamut; an evil Draconian Barbarian/Blackguard hybrid; and a Dwarf Warrior named Chuck.

After a very tough battle the battered group began to tentatively explore the rest of the rooms. They came across a group of Dwarven guards playing poker, and while two of the players dealt with them in a…

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