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Forward Thinking

Posted by G. Bradwarden on December 11, 2014
Ah, so it's a test you're looking for. We don't do tests!

I have had many adventures in gaming in a variety of systems, but my favourite character of all time was, Vertinni the Green. A small Kender swashbuckling Thief (ahem treasure hunter) who thought he was a Fighter and hero!

He was off exploring ahead of the group as I was often doing. He stumbled upon a larger Dragon which was lying in wait for the party. He was wearing the ring of invisibility someone foolishly gave him and rather than going to warn the others, he was inspired to be a hero and make himself a legend.

With his trusty rapier in hand (which, fortunately due to the old random treasure tables, happened to be a Dragon…

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A Rousing Speech

Posted by W. Churchill on December 10, 2014
You can do eet!

This was at the penultimate game of a three year long campaign with ten players. A logistical headache I am not likely to repeat. The players at my table had gathered every army, mercenary, and ally they had to band together to march on the enemy Citadel and stop their universe ending ritual.

It was the night before the battle, and the troops were restless. Some of the more charisma oriented members of the party decided to give some speeches to boost morale. The Half-Dragon Fighter went first. He delivered a speech about standing up for the common man and doing the right thing. A Diplomacy roll of 11 started them off. Then the…

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Tripping Over Your Tongue

Posted by Irish bull on December 09, 2014

Have you ever started to say something, but half way you just stop, usually to effect of

"Hey guys I really enjoyed ahbraa-uh-hsendara..."

I do it all of the time and my DM knows it! The last and current adventure I went on I played a Drow Cleric named Zed Moor-Han, because why not? I however did not know that our DM decided to make all Cleric spells require a prayer... to be vocalized by the player. It was “for immersion,” he said in his own amusement.

The first time the party met I was called to heal someone who was injured in a bar fight, and while it was nothing horrible, Zed's vows required him to offer aid.

"I call up…

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Posted by John Axe on December 08, 2014
Show Me Your Firetruck

This is a cautionary tale for all the Mages out there who like to toss around big spells. Our party had been split up while investigating a slave-labor mine run by Bugbears. My Paladin was with the party Mage and we found ourselves at a side entrance to the mine...guarded by a Flesh Golem.

I pulled my trusty Flametongue long sword and said

"I got this."

The subsequent battle was legendary and I managed to down the creature, but just barely. While catching my breath and becoming concerned about how much of my own blood was on the ground, we noticed a group of eight or so Bugbears rushing up the tunnel toward the entrance.…

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Hard to Say Goodbye

Posted by C.Yarian on December 07, 2014
How do I say goodbye to what we had?

This tale goes back to my first character, the mighty Fighter Ladnar the Silent. A nickname given to Ladnar because he refused to stealth. He was, in fact, a bull in a China closet. My fighter was great for me as a beginner as it is hard to screw up acting like a guy who breaks everything. Ladnar was a very simple creature. He did not care if he lost life or limb in his exploits as long as great adventure was to be had.

The only thing he truly cared for in the world was his greatsword. He had been carrying this sword since 1st level and refused to part with it. When the blade shattered, he collected the shards and had it reforged…

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