Are You Sure?

Posted on March 28, 2017

Once, when I was fairly new to D&D, I played a Sorceress who believed herself to be the child of a dead god (I'd just played Baldur's Gate for the first time and was a wee bit impressionable). Our DM ruled that she could “believe” whatever she liked, but that didn't necessarily make it true. Thus did Talia Swifthart the Mad step forth into the Forgotten Realms.

On one memorable adventure, our party had been contracted to investigate a cult surrounded by dark rumors. We soon found out that the cult was involved in Slaad worship and summoning, and was lead by a dark yet handsome leader. Hoping to find out more (and possibly have a stab…

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Smidget the Frequently Resurrected

Posted on March 24, 2017

We've witnessed the times when Smidget created a religion, and then created an extreme sport, but we haven't yet talked about how many times Smidget died. Yeah, it turns out that while he could do amazing things and dodge death sometimes, most of the time he just died horribly in a blaze of glory, forcing the party to go out of our way to revive him. In-character we probably should have just left him dead, but out-of-character there was no way we were losing that source of entertainment. By my count Smidget died at least five times in the campaign (though that's still probably low-balling it). Today, we'll talk about one of those time…

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You’re in Good Hands

Posted on March 22, 2017

This is a tale of a very creative DM and a bunch of 1st level characters.

I played both a clumsy Human Wizard and a Dwarf with a crossbow (each of us had two characters of various types, all first level). We were in the usual dungeon, complete with corridors and rooms with random monsters in them. We weren't doing too badly, truth be told. Then we entered a room near the halfway point of the dungeon.

"Roll against intelligence."

Most of us fail the INT check.

Now, of course, we worried that our luck was about to fail us. What terrible beastie was the DM planning to pit against our adventurers?

"You see a group of Insurance Salesm…

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Family Ties

Posted on March 20, 2017

Perhaps the hardest thing to do, at least where my party is concerned, is act within the bounds of our alignment. We're a hack-and-slash party, known principally for slaying our way out of problems. Also, I have a nasty habit of perverting alignments (my lawful evil Gnome was the world's nicest mass murderer, for example). Not to say our DM isn’t up to the challenge, of course. In fact, he had a ready response each and every time our group of ostensibly good characters slaughtered first and asked questions later.

It started with an underground encounter with two owlbears. The party stumbled upon their nest, surprised the owlbears, an…

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The Prettiest Bride

Posted on March 13, 2017

Some of my favorite stories about tabletop gaming are the not-entirely-serious ones. For example, the time we were escaping in a cart and our unconscious friend fell out because we had not bolted him down. Such are the tales that last a lifetime, and become those that are told around the (proverbial or not) campfire for ages. This is one such tale.

Our motley crew consisted of a Dwarf Warrior (me), A Half-Dragon Mage (whom I was bodyguarding for), A Half-Elf Ranger, and a Human Cleric. Nothing too wild had happened yet—only a few of our previous sessions had sharped our daggers and filled our pockets. That was when we came to the tow…

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