Are You Sure About That?

Posted on September 20, 2018

My cousin loved D&D. One of his favorite hobbies was painting figurines to use in the game. He would come to our place every now and then, so my parents could run a game with him (my mother was the DM).

One day, he decided that he really wanted to play with a lvl 20 party and, after some cajoling, my mother relented. He eagerly rolled up some characters, equipped them with elite magical gear, and charged ahead into a dangerous 1st edition campaign.

Deep underground, he decided it was time to split the party to explore, sending a single, sneaky scout while the rest of the party hung out in a large chamber with a high, vaulted ceiling…

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Holy Mackerel

Posted on September 19, 2018

It was my first time DMing, and I was running the Lost Mine of Phandelver. I'm the type of DM who says that if a player can give me a good reason why something should happen, even if technically against the rules, I'll usually allow it.

Since the pregens which came with the module were connected with the story, I had everyone pick one and make it their own. Joe and Mason were the only two regulars. Mason was the Elf Wizard, and Joe both the Dwarf Cleric and Halfling Rogue (his daughter had started out playing the Rogue, but was unable to continue). Despite only playing with three characters, they mopped the floor with nearly every mo…

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Epic End to an Epic Tale

Posted on September 18, 2018

A group I've been running with for almost a decade had decided to play a special game which we titled The Legacy Series. We each took our most legendary character and started them over from scratch. All of us at one point or another had pulled some seriously stupidly epic things with each of these characters, so we were all pretty excited to try this out.

We played through some modified versions of some of the most epic stories, along with moments from our earlier games. The nostalgia trip was amazing, and we got to see new evolutions and appreciate the old ones at the same time. There were several notable stories, but how it ended t…

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Try Not to Choke on It

Posted on September 17, 2018

Introducing a new player into an established campaign can be a real hassle: Here's how my DM pulled it off brilliantly.

Delving into yet another dungeon for the promise of riches and cool new magic toys, our four-man team found themselves confronting a green dragon, clearly bloodied amidst the broken remains of another adventuring party who had made a good go of slaying the thing, though unsuccessful. A difficult fight ensued, which we certainly would have lost if the dragon hadn't already been at half health when we began.

Every round or so our DM would note that the dragon would wince in pain unexpectedly, surely the result of the…

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The Adventure of Unnamed Lizard #23

Posted on September 14, 2018

As a first time DM, I sent my group of first time players off to steal a magical dragon artifact from an evil king. The motley crew consisted of an idealistic Wizard fighting for magocracy, an easy-going Barbarian in love with a wolf-girl, a peaceful Cleric with a mighty warhammer, and a cunning Elf Fighter with a dark past.

Disguised as a royal delegation from the neighboring kingdom, they had already managed to enter the palace, having only butchered an innocent traveller, three soldiers, and four bandits on their journey (they revived and healed some of their victims out of remorse).

Locating and extracting the artifact in a heav…

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