For Want of a Dummy

Posted on December 20, 2017

When I was in high school a friend convinced me to join his D&D group. I’d never played before and had issues opening up to new people, but I gave it a shot. I rolled a Bard because I thought having a mix of abilities would be nice, and I took ventriloquism as a feat because that seemed like something a Bard would have. Being inexperienced and taking it a bit too on the nose I grabbed myself a ventriloquist dummy, as well.

We had a few standard adventures, and besides an occasion where I stood my ground to some rampaging creature my dummy and I hadn’t done anything too memorable. But that would soon change.

The party was on the run …

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Unconventional Skills

Posted on December 19, 2017

My first true character was a 3.5e generic Bard the DM handed me so I could hop right in the game. After escaping a dungeon, we made our way into town and split up to do shopping and rp'ing. And I had a special mission.

My Bard asked around and soon found a place that sold 'loopsy-loos' (in-game yo-yos). The DM made a show of offering bejeweled ones, ones with magical effects, and even one with hidden blades that wasn't strictly street-legal. My Bard settled on one carved of white oak with a sun on one side and a moon on the other, paid her silver and went to find a crowd.

One search check later and she was in a central square, perc…

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The Sorcerer’s Hammer

Posted on December 18, 2017

We had just started up a campaign. The only one of us with prior experience with D&D was our DM. I was playing a Half-Elf Ranger, one of my friends was a Half-Elf Bard, and my husband was a Dwarf Sorcerer because why not. His character, Thoradin Brewbeard, carried with him a giant hammer, because my husband wanted to play him like Gimli with magic.

We made it into our first dungeon tracking some kobolds in true newbie fashion. We made it to the end of the dungeon and were fighting off a number of baddies. My initial roll was a critical hit, and so our DM described how my arrow pinned a kobold to the cave wall. Not wanting to miss out…

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Yep, You’re Dead

Posted on December 15, 2017

My players were investigating a grand vizier for treason against the King (as one player put it, it's a requirement for the job, along with a goatee).

During the investigation, they decided to sneak into a party the vizier was hosting at his estate. However, paranoid guards and branching hallways meant that the party got separated, so the Wizard (specializing in destructive magic) ended up wandering without friends through the bowels of the servants quarters, ducking behind pillars to avoid patrols and staff. Eventually she came to a small sub-kitchen connected to the terrace where the party was being held. It seemed like a clear sho…

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Lucky Charmstones

Posted on December 14, 2017

Recently a friend of mine hit me with an odd request—he wanted to give D&D a try. This wasn't completely absurd, he'd played online RPGs and video games, but was generally less interested in the scifi/fantasy realm of entertainments. I said I could make it happen, so I set about borrowing a few books and a sack of dice from a friend and set my imagination spinning.

Since this was going to be a one-off campaign I assumed it would be best to do something short and sweet with a minimum of room for diverging from the plot I'd laid out. Essentially I set up a series of challenges, some combat-based, others designed to test their intellect…

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