Rhyme Time

Posted on January 08, 2019

A bunch of my college dorm friends had played various D&D campaigns since our freshmen year. While we had one long-running campaign we regularly played, different people would take turns DMing new campaigns. This could be because someone got a new rule book/expansion, we wanted try new character classes, or just because the main DM needed a break/time to set up the new adventure.

This particular night, having just watched the Princess Bride, I decided to try out a new Swashbuckler class character. Unfortunately for the DM, he had also seen the movie and decided to give my character, Inigo (yes, I know, not very original, but hey, the…

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Creativity Can Be a Dangerous Thing

Posted on January 07, 2019

I was DMing a 5th Edition playtest with some college friends. We had a High Elf Wizard, a High Elf Rogue who pretended to be a Wizard, a Wood Elf Monk, a Half-Elf Paladin, a Wood Elf Druid, and myself, the Half-Orc Fighter.

In the middle of a decently difficult battle against a nearly unkillable troll, our Druid hesitated on his turn. Rather than fire his bow for what must have been the billionth time, he began reading one of his spells very carefully.

"So this cantrip, Fire Seeds. It can affect any sort of seeds, yes?" he asked.

"Sure," I stupidly replied.

"I make a touch attack against the troll's 'seeds'," he said.

Silence fel…

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Just Desserts

Posted on January 04, 2019

My husband and I decided to jump feet first into the world of D&D and begin a family game night with our oldest two children, ages 10 and 12.

In one session, we were in a tumbledown castle trying to find directions to the endpoint of our multi-week campaign, a cavern of glorious wonders. The various rooms of the castle were filled with different Goblins: Goblin clerics, Goblin soldiers, Goblin workers of many descriptions. We went from room to room clearing them out, and finally came to the last room. We’d been struggling all evening with preventing our 10-year-old son from having his character rush in without checking what we could …

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Shoulda Read the Manual

Posted on January 03, 2019

A few years ago I got tired of waiting to find an experienced DM and decided to do it myself. I checked out a few D&D 4e books from the library, asked my brother if he'd be interested in playing a solo campaign, and made time to learn. How hard could it be? Unfortunately, thanks to school eating up my life, I only had enough time to skim the Dungeon Master's Guide and flip through the first few pages of the adventure, Keep on the Shadowfell, before we began playing.

In the Keep on the Shadowfell (spoiler alert!), adventurers start out on the road to Winterhaven, a little town in the northern reaches of the former Nerath Empire. It do…

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No Laughing Matter

Posted on January 02, 2019

I grew up playing D&D, and stumbled into the role of DM with the release of 5e. This particular moment is noteworthy for being as unexpected as it was entertaining.

I had not been a DM for more than a matter of months when one evening came that we were trying to get the regular party together, only to end up short by more than one or two. After some discussion, the party decided that they'd rather not continue the campaign. I had recently run across the idea in one of the manuals about throwing a party together by having a dragon teleport them into the middle of their lair. So the players first adventure would be trying to survive es…

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