Everyone Needs a Meatshield

Posted on October 22, 2018

I recently began playing with a new group and a new DM. The DM and I had a few classes together in school and when he found out I played, he begged me to be a part of his group.

He asked because his group was something we like to call "squishies" or rather, a group of frail Wizards, Clerics or low-constitution Rogues. This group was comprised of a Gnome Cleric, a Halfling Rogue, a Human Rogue and a skinny Elven Wizard. Normally I would play a Wizard, but I saw the problem here and I was more than glad to join in.

I was introduced as a Tiefling Fighter named Rabo Bloodclaw. The group had landed themselves in jail and I was an inmate …

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A Legitimate Fear

Posted on October 19, 2018

This is the tale of Sio, a plucky Human Thief who feared nothing. At first.

Sio was part of a very long running (multi-year) campaign who only died three times on our quest to save the world. But those deaths would come to haunt her, bringing a paralyzing fear with it. Her first death, the first of the campaign, came during an attempt to infiltrate the bad guys' ranks. Sio was faced with several Half-Orcs wielding halberds. Alone, and knowing if she killed them she'd never have her in with the bad guys, Sio chose not to fight. Instead, she fled.

She didn't get very far. The DM rolled a crit, and cut poor Sio down. No infiltration, a…

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How to Derail a Game in Four Rounds

Posted on October 18, 2018

I‘ve been playing D&D since I was 12. At 23, I was in the US Air Force and looking for a game. I finally found a 2E game that had been in progress for several months. The established party was 10th level or so. I created an Elf Fighter/Mage level 8.

The party had commandeered an airship from the evil empire they were fighting, and fleeing from the rest of said empire's fleet. They never stayed in one place and were always on the run, for they’d never had a victory in battle against this fleet.

On one of their brief stops for supplies, they picked up another crew member (my character). Shortly thereafter the enemy caught up with us, …

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One Should Always Take Turns

Posted on October 17, 2018

My regular gaming group plays in a homebrew setting using a homebrew system where we’re capable of making almost anything (pending GM approval of course).

In one campaign we had seven players; three of which were useless in fights but were amazing at other things; two were decently rounded; and then there was my Barbarian and the two-weapon Fighter. We were angry walls of meat with swords, and where we went destruction followed.

The party was split, with most of the group hunting for one of the entrances to a dungeon where someone was unleashing shadow monsters on a nearby town. They succeeded, and sent the party’s Warforged Scholar…

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No More Crocodiles

Posted on October 16, 2018

I decided to DM a 5E campaign for a relatively new group with most of them having only a handful of 3.5E sessions under their belt. To compensate for their inexperience I decided to give them leeway with a few house rules.

At 3rd level my group arrogantly found themselves far out of their depth after managing to chain two 5th level encounters against a Priest and an extremely agile Monk. I had staged both as set piece encounters—imagine my dismay when they hatched a plan so ill-conceived they cornered themselves against two bosses at once.

A few lucky rolls from our War Cleric and Rogue quickly dispatched the Priest before he could …

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