Just Business

Posted on June 16, 2017

For a change, I opted out of DM’ing my group’s upcoming campaign. Taking my place was one of my regulars, who suffered under my harsh rule for years. When he set up the new campaign, he asked me specifically to take on the role of party leader. I knew he had payback in mind. Fair enough, says I.

I selected a Human Ranger, Crukas, and deliberately avoided maximizing him. In fact, I put in only two oddities—rather than running a traditional party, Crukas would instead hire the other characters as employees in his monster hunting business, and I added a note under his personality stating that Crukas takes his business VERY seriously.


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Doors, Am I Right?

Posted on June 15, 2017

Every week I play in a 5e campaign on Roll20 with a bunch of friends all over the country. This is not a story about that campaign. This is a story about two weeks ago, when our DM said, “Guys, I am so swamped, I won't be able to prep for this week.”

Did we cancel? No.

Did we stage an epic battle royale with our characters to see who's the most badass? No. (Next time, and my money's on our Warlock. Or my Bard, as a dark horse candidate.)

The answer? I volunteered to run a one-shot with either our current characters or new ones.

Most of the group came up with new characters, and I pulled the world's simplest dungeon crawl out of no…

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The Underpants Parachute

Posted on June 14, 2017

Our group has been playing D&D together for a while now, and as such we’ve had a bunch of ridiculous things happen in our adventures. The one that sticks out is from our very last game in Curse of Strahd.

As we approached Ravenloft we knew we would need to get into the highest tower of the Castle and destroy the Heart of Sorrow in order to defeat Strahd. Now it’s worth mentioning that I was playing a hulking Warforged Paladin who was more than aware of his own weight and lack of dexterity, so climbing a super tall tower made him a little bit nervous.

Thus the Underpants Parachute was born. A patchwork sheet with some strings that wa…

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Drop It

Posted on June 13, 2017

We were in some serious trouble. We’d been playing D&D for over a year at this point and were all high-level characters. Our DM began our campaign at the start of the Time of Troubles, and while he tried to follow the canon to some degree, our actions ended up changing the canon considerably. That was probably why we ended up in Hellgate Keep. A place filled with Demons.

Our group, consisting of a Barbarian, a Wizard, a Bard, and a Rogue (me) decided to enter the place, because the Barbarian’s sister had been trapped inside the barrier. After acquiring the assistance of a Paladin of Tempus and a Trumpet Archon through the use of a pl…

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I Will Never Lie to the Party Again

Posted on June 12, 2017

A few friends and I got together to play D&D 3.5. I was super excited, as one member of our group was an experienced veteran, and I’d heard lots of stories of his encounters.

My character, Morgarth, was a Tiefling Rogue/Sorcerer who was bred illegitimately as a planar experiment by a Wizard named Callus the Red (I’m very proud of his personality and how I drew him up). During one of our first encounters we fought off a mad Drow Sorceress and her reanimated Drow father, now a hulking monstrosity. After we’d dealt with them, I moved to the chest to pick the lock while my friends looted the bad guys. Inside I found some gold pieces, a n…

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