Thievery Does Pay

Posted on August 10, 2017

My very first experience with D&D will always be my most memorable. I’m the DM most of the time now, and sometimes miss being able to do things like I used to—basically shenanigans.

We had a DM at the time that would occasionally get us to roleplay an event that related to our class and/or alignment. I had joined at level ten (this was 3.5 rules), and played an Elven Rogue. I had high skill points in all of the sneakiest things. For my first act, I performed a magic trick in the show and had to explain to the DM how the trick was actually done, then roll Escape Artist and Perform checks. Nailed it, and won a hefty sum of gold.

My fi…

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Caves and Quakes

Posted on August 09, 2017

Sometimes real-life can provide a better game highlight than narration. Not often, but sometimes.

My friends wanted to relive some of the good-ol'-days of v3.5, and I was happy to oblige. They went on to add they each had an ECL character in mind: two Trolls, a Pixie, and a Stonechild, and either by race or class very nature-oriented. My Human Rogue was by far the odd-man-out.

Anywho, the previous session had ended with looting a now-empty chamber, guarded by monsters and a fairly simple trap. So the next session started with my Rogue explaining that an alternate passage, which we had already identified as having a bigger, more comp…

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Deadly Remains

Posted on August 08, 2017

I’m part of a group that loves their quirks. One member is an Elf pirate modeled after the Dread Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride. Another is a Dwarf Paladin, who was apparently accepted into the monastery as a joke because the Dwarf can't even read Dwarvish. But the one that takes the cake is Short Stack. Short Stack is an Elf. He's an Elf that thinks he's an Orc. Because he was raised by Orcs. Which is also why he's a Barbarian.

We were playing a homebrew campaign. We’d gotten stuck in a room with a bunch of traps, while in the room behind us there were forty bodies suspended from the ceiling. We pulled a lever, activating a …

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Binwin’s Minions V1 Kickstarter

Posted on August 07, 2017
When I sat down to play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends to make a podcast promoting the 4th edition of the game nine years ago, I needed a name for my character. Binwin was a name I used for several different characters growing up and it popped in my head pretty quickly. Since alliterations are pretty cool, I gave him the last name of Bronzebottom. That was that, and I never thought I would play him again. Binwin Bronzebottom was a one-time deal. A one-shot.
Of course, that wasn’t the case. I played Binwin many times since then, both live and in recordings. It’s crazy to me to say that I’m recognized by fans for my time playing…

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Dude, You Just Defeated the Entire Dungeon

Posted on August 03, 2017

This story takes place in the murky past of the original D&D, where Hit Points and Hit Dice were often confused and Elf was a class, not a race (okay, maybe not THAT far back. But it was well before 2nd Edition).

My brother and I, still new to the entire experience, were adventuring with my brother's friend as the DM in a homebrew adventure. I played a Wizard, and my brother… well, I don't remember much about my brother’s character.

Early in the exploration of a cavern filled with baddies, I found myself suddenly plummeting down a very deep shaft. Naturally, I cast Feather Fall and gently landed at the bottom. This somewhat flustere…

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