A Darker Prognostication

Posted on August 30, 2017

My daughter turned seven this year and her ability to read has finally caught up with her love of rules and creative play. So her induction to D&D has begun.

I invited a large group of gamer friends over to begin an epic by-the-book 5th ed game. Each and every character was connected to Talor, the Half-Elf Eldritch Fighter my daughter created. Cousins, friends, that Tiefling she saved from getting beat up at the orphanage when they were young; the connections to Talor were varied and hilarious.

We were playing the Mines of Phandelver from the Starter Set and the group was about to enter the Cragmaw Cave at the top of the adventure when we found out that two party members couldn't make the game that day. Instead of trying to plan out their actions for them, I had them stay behind and keep an eye on the wagon. The smaller group plumbed the depths of the Cragmaw Cave, violently killing as many goblins as possible, generally enjoying themselves greatly and the session ended with victory and Sildar Hallwinter rescued.

The next session the group returned to the wagon to continue on to Phandalin, but the same two players that missed the session before were once again absent. Easy, I thought, and announced that the cart and the two of them had gone!

This provoked a great deal of concern on the part of the party. Where had they gone? What happened? The bright and cheery Gnome Paladin, Chumby, piped up, "Well, they probably just carried on to the town and are waiting for us there."

To which my daughter replied, "Oh Chumby, you're such an optimist, for all we know they're probably dead."

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