Actions and Rewards

Posted by Milner Olds on March 04, 2013
this... shouldn't have been fun!

Our adventuring party was exploring a vast dungeon complex beneath a major city. One particular room we had entered held our attention for an entire gaming evening. It was an inconspicuous twenty foot by twenty foot room with nothing but an entrance, an exit on the opposite side, and a stone column in the center.

Upon entering we had noticed one of the column's stones sticking out about an inch. After some inspection we had concluded it was not a secret compartment and that the stone could not be removed. On a hunch one of us said,

"I press the stone."

"You do WHAT?!" The DM reacted at once.

"I press it," he repeated.

Instantly the entrance and exit doorways were blocked of by huge stone slabs dropping from the ceiling, and glowing runes magically appeared around the column. The runes appeared to be all the same and our Wizard could tell us after some deliberation that it either meant 'sun' or 'ten'. Shortly after appearing the runes suddenly changed and this time our Wizard was sure,

"It's a nine… It's a countdown!"

It gave us little time to figure out what was happening, how to stop it or how to escape. We checked the doors


seven, checked the the column

six, the walls



three, we found nothing



And with the count at one, our Wizard did the only thing he could come up with,

"I press the stone again!"

ten, nine, eight...

"Again! I press it again!"

ten, nine, eight…

And so it went; one man kept pushing the heavy button, the others searched, thoroughly this time. After a while the center man got tired of pushing that stone button and we all took turns, but we found nothing. No hidden compartments in the walls, no cracks, no hidden pipes, no magical aura, except the glowing runes, no secret doors. The slabs slid from a gap in the doorway's ceiling, tightly fitted. We couldn't lift them, nor break them, nor could we break the walls, floor, ceiling or the column. There were no other secret buttons we could find.

At long last we were out of ideas and out of strength, so we pushed the button one last time and huddled in a corner of the room, backs to the wall, shields in front of us, and we waited.

four, three, two, one...

Holding tight, we braced for the worst, the DM stopped and said,

"The runes disappear, and the slabs slide up and away from the doors."

So we left, totally unscathed. Though nothing was accomplished, it was one of the most intense and exciting gaming experiences I've ever had. An entire gaming night of pushing a button.

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