Against All Odds

Posted on February 28, 2018

It was a D&D 3.5 game day several years ago. Our party was making good decisions, but the dice just weren't working for us. I can't remember the details of the quest, but by the time we got to the boss fight we were down one member.

We were facing a spectral cat, and all of us were in bad shape. There were three of us left: an Elf Wizard, a Dwarf Cleric, and Halfling Rogue (me). The Wizard was one hit away from out, and the Cleric was out of healing, so he boosted my weapon for a turn. The plan was for me to drink my potion of invisibility so I could nail the cat for a nice sneak attack—except I missed.

The Wizard went down. The Cleric and I did some damage, then I went down. The Cleric and the cat were badly wounded, but the cat scraped the Dwarf Cleric to drop him to exactly zero HP.

The Dwarf was given the opportunity to take a single attack before going unconscious.

"Is it even possible to kill it?" the Dwarf Cleric asked.

*DM looks at character sheet* "If you crit and roll max damage, then yes."

The Cleric rolled a 20, then rolled to confirm it… and as you can probably guess, rolled max damage on his mace.

We were shouting and jumping for joy at such a heroic end to an awesome game day.

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