An Eggcellent Adventure

Posted on April 02, 2018

On my first foray into 5E with a new DM we had a fairly standard plot hook. My Tiefling Monk, my wife's Wood Elf Druid, the Half-Elf Warlock, Human Paladin, and the High-Elf Rogue were all in a tavern for unrelated reasons. A rather frazzled Tiefling Wizard named Zoroaster (Z for short) came in and vented to the bartender about his missing apprentice.

Figuring it was fairly obvious what our DM intended, we volunteered to go after the young apprentice (Tim by name) who had been sent out to fetch an owlbear egg. After explaining to everyone out of character that an owlbear was precisely what it sounded like, we journeyed through the woods and found a cave inhabited by owlbears. Only one was currently in residence. After we managed to slay the beast, we rescued the wounded apprentice and snagged one of the eggs.

Upon returning to Z with the egg we assumed that this puissant Wizard was brewing up a potion or some other spell requiring such an odd reagent. In front of our very eyes Z proceeded to crack the egg into a bowl, beat it, toss in some herbs, and make himself a lovely plate of scrambled eggs.

Needless to say we were all in stitches. It'd be an incredible story if it ended there, but later our Warlock needed a space to conduct a ritual along with an enchanted blade (we were only level 3 so we had little in the way of magic items). He went to ask Z for a loaner of both, and by way of buttering him up brought along a dozen eggs.

In-character the Warlock (played by the DM's husband) suggested that Z start a guild for those who had an equally absurd love of eggs. Thus the Eggsplorers Guild was born.

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