An Elk Too Large

Posted on October 05, 2018

Our party of intrepid heroes were slipping quietly through a dungeon. We were pretty low level, and we'd already had several encounters that day, so we were running short on spells. Spotting a pair of double doors at the end of a long ten-foot-wide corridor, the party Monk snuck forward and slowly pushed one open a crack to get a peek inside. Immediately the Monk closed the door as quietly as she could and gestured to the party to quietly follow her away from the door.

"There's a Drow Wizard in there with a couple bugbear guards and at least four spiders the size of a horse. I think that's the guy we're looking for!"

The Cleric frowned. "I'm pretty low on spells. Maybe we ought to go find someplace to rest up before attacking him?"

The Wizard countered. "We've killed a ton of his minions in this place already. There's no way he's just going to sit in that room and wait for us to come for him, he's got to know someone's killing all his men by now. He'll probably bug out... or maybe he'll come looking for us while we're resting. We've found him, let's finish him before he has a chance to get ready for us."

The Monk nodded. "Sure, let's buff up and surprise him. I'm good for another fight."

The Barbarian has no issues with the idea of fighting some more, so the Cleric reluctantly sighed. "OK, but let's do as much to prepare as we can before we go in,” the Cleric said, pulling out a grey sack. "I've got this Bag of Tricks. I can get three animals out of it. If we're lucky, they'll be something good, and we can use them as reinforcements."

The party snuck toward the Drow Wizard's lair, and, once they were a few yards from the door, the Cleric pulled out one small ball of fluff from the bag and tossed it behind the party. A weasel appeared. The Cleric frowned and tried again. This time a Giant Badger popped into existence. Everyone grinned and nodded eagerly. This was more like it!

With rising hope, the Cleric tossed the third and final ball of fluff to the ground behind the party. The player blinked. "Um... it says it's a Giant Elk. Those are pretty good, right?"

The DM blinked. "Did you say a GIANT Elk?" He checked his books, then started to laugh.

In an evil voice, he told them, "The ball explodes outwards, filling the ten-foot-wide and ten-foot-tall corridor with five tons of Elk. Its twelve-foot rack jams diagonally between the walls, and its back and sides crack painfully against the ceiling and walls. Forced to its knees, the enormous beast bellows in pain and fear, as the corridor behind you is filled with antlers, muscles, and fur. There doesn't look like there's really any room to get around it."

As the party stared in horror at the enormous animal stuck into a much-too-small space behind them, barring any chance of retreat, the DM continued. "There is a shout of alarm from beyond the double doors ahead of you, and you hear the sound of someone spellcasting on the far side. Seems like they know you're coming..."

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