An Explosive Ending

Posted on August 16, 2018

When I started a D&D group originally, it was pretty small. Fast forward a few years and it had gotten to the point where I was DMing for around 10 people at once. Fast forward a little more and we now had two groups—one I was DMing, while the other was being run by a friend of mine.

We had decided to meet outside of our usual day, and the entire group I DM’d for decided not to show. So I whipped out an Aasimar Paladin I had worked up the night before, for just this eventuality, and inserted him into the other group.

Now, my friend who was DMing this group had cooked up some pretty nasty things to pit against the players. The characters had been recruited to take out a team of eight heavily armored, explosive-wielding blacksmiths who were destroying a town. Realizing how dangerous they were, I had my careful Paladin plan an ambush in the alleyways around the main street. He was to stand in the middle and get their attention. This plan went very well... right up to the part where it started.

Combat began as soon as the enemy saw us. Luckily, we had the advantage of surprise.

My Paladin raced forward and swung his sword at the blacksmith that stood slightly away from the group, who seemed to be moving much more gingerly than the rest. Turns out he was carrying 42 bombs.

Unfortunately, my Paladin failed to roll high enough to hit the man through his plate armor. His sword, though, charged with divine magic for the turn, hit one of the bombs and ignited it.

The resulting explosion incinerated six of the villains, my character, and someone else's character. I was only there for one meeting, but I left with a literal bang.

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