Anti-Climax Sphere

Posted on July 13, 2017

I DM'd a 3.5E game for two years that took my players from level 6 to their first epic level. Towards the end, they were trying to storm a flying city powered by a trapped deity. A consistent problem was that one of the players was a Knight, and his AC was almost double every other player's. This made combat tough, because anyone who could hit him would just cuisinart the rest of the party.

So I turned to brilliant energy weapons. I gave a pair of Duelists brilliant energy rapiers, and sent them after the party. The players did not know what to do. They put the Knight in front and he proceeded to get minced. I had also given the Duelists some mobility feats, so they were really giving it to the party.

Suddenly the Cleric said, "I got this." He charged into the middle of the melee and proceeded to disarm both Duelists by casting anti-magic sphere.

The party all cheered and clapped him on the back. I said, "Nice, and everyone loses 16 hit points because their Belts of Constitution stop working."

The party suddenly went pale as the players looked at their character sheets.

"Oh, uh, I guess I die?" the Knight said.

"Yeah, I'm definitely dead too," said the Wizard.

"And I'm unconscious," said the Cleric.

We all looked at each other, stunned, because this was about a year and a half of campaign that was ending in a TPK.

I cleared my throat. "Why, uh, why don't we try this again?"

We restarted the combat and the players turned one of the Duelists into a chicken on the first round.

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