Awww rats

Posted by Mrs. Brisby on January 31, 2013
You can lead a group to water....

I was DM-ing a mini-campaign to introduce a few of my friends to Dungeons and Dragons. I’d created a little module centered on a horde of rats in the town sewers being controlled by evil wererats for nefarious reasons. You know, standard dungeon crawl stuff.

The problem was none of my friends were very good at tabletop RPGs. The party was very unbalanced, they weren't interested in solving puzzles, and they were terrible at rolling so battles dragged on for ages because of their inability to hit anything. Despite all of this, they were having a blast!

The highlight of the night came when they reached the final chamber, where they found a pool of yellow liquid being used as part of a bizarre ritual to turn humans into wererats. After much prodding I convinced them to examine the liquid. A quick nature check later and the group learned the stagnant pool was a mixture of rat hair and urine. The party discussed it a bit and then decided...to drink it.

“Dear lord, WHY?!” I demanded to know.

“To become wererats!” It was so obvious to them.

So I had them all roll endurance checks.

"Sorry guys, you all failed.”

"Awww...we really wanted to be wererats."

"You ARE wererats. You failed your endurance checks."

"Then we SUCCEEDED!” And cheering ensued.

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