Baron Brownrobe the Blessed

Posted on October 24, 2018

Our party was in a dungeon crawl. We had reached the lowest part of the dungeon and found a secret door.

Behind the door was a small tunnel that emptied into a large cavern supported by stone pillars, and housed a Naga, the boss monster for the dungeon. She welcomed us to her abode by spitting a fireball at the party, in accordance with Ancient Naga Law 1. All but our NPC made our saving rolls, so damage to the party was halved, except for the poor little goblin Alchemist. Luck favored our Paladin, Ruldrag, as he rolled highest initiative, followed by our Orc Barbarian Bumhug (his mother's name was Bum, so his father was... an Orc named Hug?).

Having already deduced the Naga was evil, Ruldrag sprinted up to her and attacked with Smite Evil which dealt a mighty blow. Bumhug, being our main meleé attacker, came on Ruldrag's heels and landed his own not-quite-as-mighty-but-still-fearsome blows. Then came the Naga's turn.

The Naga, having received an unexpected amount of damage, decided to charm Bumhug and turn him against us. Now the party was faced with fighting a Naga and an enraged Orc. Delightful.

Having faced this situation before, our Wizard had an appropriate spell prepared, and cast Create Pit under Bumhug. This would drop the enraged Orc into a large pit and take him safely out of play, allowing us to focus on the Naga. However, the spell allows for a reflex save.

Bumhug made the save and leapt out of the way of the opening pit. Ruldrag, who was standing next to Bumhug, also managed to jump clear of the pit. However, the stone pillar that was next to Bumhug did NOT get the benefit of a reflex save, as stone pillars are notoriously bad at dodging. Thus, the stone pillar fell into the pit... bringing the ceiling of the cavern with it to land on the Naga.

Our DM looked at his sheets, grabbed a handful of dice and began rolling. He announced the Death by Pit Spell of the Big Bad Boss Naga by looking up at the party and saying, "Screw you, I hate you all" for the umpteenth time that evening.

Which is why I now call our Wizard Baron Brownrobe the Blessed. Why is he Baron Brownrobe? Well, that's another story...

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