Beginners Luck

Posted by Hal Roach on October 28, 2014
It'll never happen again

It was our first ever home D&D campaign. My friends and I were asked by a few veteran players to join in on a 4e adventure and we were ecstatic. Just because we were happy to play, it didn't mean we were any good at it.

Our first quest was to find the nephew of the city’s King. The King presented us with the quest but the reward wasn’t great. Before venturing down into the depths of who-knows-where, we decided it would be a good idea to haggle with him a little on the reward and that it was up to our charismatic Rogue to do the talking.

The problem was, our Rogue was one of the new players and he didn't know the first thing about haggling. He decided to demand the King triple the offer and pay one third of the reward up front. Convinced that we would not only lose the quest but also get a free stay in the city dungeons, everyone at the table was busy facepalming when our DM told him to roll for it. The DM of course knew that the haggle was totally outlandish for a group of 6 level 1 characters but he thought he’d let the dice decide.

We all tensed as our newbie Rogue rolled the dice. It was the first roll the player had ever made, the first roll of what would become a years long campaign, and it was a Natural 20. Critical success. We ended up with a great reward, and a huge head start in our game.

We couldn't have wished for a better intro to Dungeons & Dragons than this.

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