Beware the Smiling DM

Posted on September 13, 2018

A group of friends and I just recently started a new game. The party rolled up a Elven Monk, a Deep Gnome Wizard, a Tabaxi Rogue, and a Dwarven light Cleric.

Starting as Drow slaves, they were destined for short brutal lives—unless they escaped. They made a valiant effort. They escaped their cliffside cell, rushed the guards in the hanging tower, killed the junior priestess and held off the reinforcements. But when the Tabaxi tried to pounce on a guard, she fumbled. Natural 1. Crit failure.

Her feet went right out, and she tumbled down to the webs below, ensnaring herself and the mushroom-child tied to her back.

"You know, webs are vulnerable to fire," I mentioned, smiling. "The fastest way to get her out would be to light your teammate on fire."

I never expected anyone to believe me.

"I cast Burning Hands on her!"

As you probably know, restrained characters automatically fail their saving throws to dodge. So yes, it was the FASTEST way to get her out.

One unconscious, smoking, hairless cat-person fell out of the webs, a toasty mushroom snack attached to her back. The water 100ft below put out the flames nicely.

No fear, all of the player characters survived. Our Wizard used Feather Fall to ease them gently to the ground—or water, for our poor Tabaxi.

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