Caves and Quakes

Posted on August 09, 2017

Sometimes real-life can provide a better game highlight than narration. Not often, but sometimes.

My friends wanted to relive some of the good-ol'-days of v3.5, and I was happy to oblige. They went on to add they each had an ECL character in mind: two Trolls, a Pixie, and a Stonechild, and either by race or class very nature-oriented. My Human Rogue was by far the odd-man-out.

Anywho, the previous session had ended with looting a now-empty chamber, guarded by monsters and a fairly simple trap. So the next session started with my Rogue explaining that an alternate passage, which we had already identified as having a bigger, more complex trap, might have even more loot stashed inside, since the whole thing appeared to be a sort of pirate's cove. As my Rogue explained how he might disarm the trap for the sake of greater loot on the other side, he was interrupted by the Barbarian-Troll. "I run through it!"

Having designed it, I knew what he was getting himself into, but didn't stop him. "Ok, roll your reflex save."

He rolled, and passed. "Ok, you only take 3 con damage as poisoned needles launch out from supposed cracks and crevices in the wall and hit you. Do you want to keep moving?"

"I'm a big, dumb Troll who hits things. Of course I keep moving," he answered, knowing full well I was about to hit him with something else.

"Ok, this time roll a modified save."

He rolled, and epically failed. "Ok, how much con damage do I take for that?" he asked, laughing a little.

"You don't. The ceiling collapses on you as a solid slab, knocks you prone, and deals crushing damage. By the way, sand begins filling the tunnel."

Everyone was laughing as they pictured the party tank pinned helplessly under a slab of stone, when suddenly the room began to shake. Not in game, the actual room we were in. An 8.4 earthquake hit a few miles away, far enough not to cause damage, but close and big enough for us to undeniably feel it.

We all laughed even harder at the thought of the room shaking just like the tunnel our characters were in as the ceiling collapsed. No one was hurt, and nothing was broken. Talk about an earth-shaking bit of roleplay!

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