Cheaters Never Prosper

Posted on August 31, 2017

We had somewhat rashly decided to take part in the Thunderstorm Run, a cross-continent chariot race in honor of the resident goddess of valor. The rules of the race were pretty explicit regarding the consequences of foul play (this WAS a sacred ritual, after all) and to that particular deity, any use of magic was definitely considered cheating.

Well, one of our fellow competitors turned out to be a dirty cheating bastard of the worst kind. After enduring several sabotage attempts and a "bandit" (actually hired swords) attack on our camp, we had had enough and decided to confront him.

The Wizard figured that just giving him the beating he clearly deserved wouldn't be sufficient, so he cast a very impressive illusion of the goddess of valor riding down from the stormclouds on her divine chariot to give the cheating jerk a lecture that'd make the loudest of drill sergeants smile. Suitably chastened (and fearing for his life, if not his immortal soul) the cheater slunk off and wouldn't bother us again.

The Wizard was looking extremely smug until the divine figure suddenly turned around to face him and spoke the legendary words, "And now for YOU, smart-ass..."

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