Critical House Rules

Posted on August 24, 2017

I’d been DMing a group of players for a little over a year. One house rule I made was that if you confirmed your crit with a natural 20, then you kill your target outright in an epic display of skill and gore. We have lots of stories of critical kills that were both epic and legendary, but nothing compares to the ones made by Siel Valsation.

Siel Valsation was a NPC for a good half of the game before we had a new player with absolutely no experience join up, and I decided to give him Siel to play. What I found, to my excitement and horror, was that it was hard for this player to not roll natural 20s. Several times I would start an epic battle and he would run up to the main bad guy and critical kill him.

Over time Siel became the champion to the Goddess of Light and the party traveled to every corner of the land to gather an army to defeat the God of Death. It was getting close to the final battle and the party was fighting an army led by an evil Spirit of Destruction. The battle began and what did Siel do? He charged the Spirit of Destruction and attacked.

Siel rolled a natural 20, then rolled to confirm. Another 20.

I was tired of having my bosses killed in the very first round of combat, so I told him to roll again. He shrugged, and rolled.

It was another 20. I stared at his die and told him to roll it again.

Seven natural 20s later, Siel’s sword cut through the Spirit of Destruction’s shield, armor, body, and horse as if they were butter. The entire enemy army turned tail and ran. To this day we never stop talking about how over half of his attacks were critical kills.

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