Crowning Achievement

Posted by Colin O'Scoppie on February 25, 2013
needs fiber

Our party was attending a high-class banquet in Sharn (City of Towers, don't-cha-know) when a band of goons burst in, taking us by surprise.

We were unarmed and unarmored. Held at crossbow-point, the only thing to do was put our heads together and come up with a diplomatic way to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, we had difficulty thinking of something useful and we ultimately failed to come up with anything more creative than;

"We really have to go to the bathroom", hoping against hope that our Bard's bluff roll would carry us through.

Sadly for us, our Warforged Fighter was going to have none of this "no-fighting-bluff-stuff" and, before the skill check could happen, he spontaneously declared

"I have no rectum. Pooping is an anatomical impossibility."

Needless to say, we rolled for initiative soon after.

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