Days Like This

Posted by Shirelles the Barbarian on February 17, 2013
note to self - invest in 10 ft poles.

Our party was on a quest to investigate a place from my character's past: A Dwarven outpost that was attacked by a Drow army many years ago.

We weren't sure what we were looking for, so when we arrived we decided to split up to cover more ground. The outpost was long abandoned and we didn't think we'd run into any trouble. The Wizard and I, the Dwarven Barbarian, went to the basement while the others went upstairs. Everything was fine and we were gathering a lot of useful information when all of a sudden, in the small hallway of the basement, two Gelatinous Cubes came out of nowhere. The Wizard was immediately engulfed by one of the two Cubes but luckily he rolled an excellent saving throw and made it back out before he was dissolved. I was able to dispatch both of the Cubes in short order and we were none worse for wear. As the Cubes dissipated into nothing, three glowing crystals lay in front of us. The DM asked,

"Are you gonna pick them up with your bare hands?"

Obviously this was a sign not to. So, being the smart Dwarven Barbarian I am, I attempted to tear a piece of the Wizards robe off to use as a glove. Unfortunately, I critically failed my Strength check and instead of tearing off a a single piece the of the robe I fumbled and whole thing came off. The Wizard, startled and now naked, was completely unprepared for a third Gelatinous Cube coming up behind him. The crystals were just a ruse, a trap that we'd fallen right into. The Wizard was immediately engulfed and, due to lack of armor and some terrible saving throws, was trapped.

A few hearty blugeons later I had defeated the Cube and pulled the Wizard free, his now unconscious body limp in my arms. That's when we saw the treasure chest the Gelatinous Cubes had been protecting.

"I should really get you out of here," I said to the player who's unconscious Wizard character I'd tossed over my shoulder. "We can come back down once we've healed up."

"Why bother," he asked. "This is probably what we came for and we've cleared the room. Just grab whatever's in the chest and we'll regroup with the others upstairs. I'm not going anywhere and it can't get any worse." He chuckled.

He was wrong. When I got within a few feet of the chest it sprung to life, snatched the Wizard from me, and locked him inside. The chest, of course, was a Mimic.

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