Don’t Get Too Attached

Posted on February 17, 2017

When D&D 4th edition was first released, our group had been on hiatus for about a year. As the release neared, we got really excited and couldn’t wait for our game to begin (we got together the night before our new campaign started to roll up our new characters). I remember being especially proud of my fancy new Tiefling Warlock.

The campaign began with our party attempting to sneak into a city currently under siege by a neighboring empire. To enter the city undetected, we had to travel through an unused tunnel system.

Within the first large antechamber of the tunnel system, we had our first encounter against a group of Kobolds. Unfortunately, the Kobolds beat us on initiative. That’s when I knew I was in trouble. See, due to my excitement, I had stupidly left my Warlock at the head of the party.

The Kobolds attacked with their flaming slings. I, of course, was the first one they focused on... and our DM rolled a Critical Hit.

My Warlock wasn’t killed outright, but he was knocked unconscious. I thought I was in the clear, until the DM announced my Warlock had caught fire.

There I was, burning away. Right before the party could put me out, a group of Kobolds with melee weapons charged them. My poor warlock slowly burned to death, while the party dealt with the stinkin’ low-level Kobolds.

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