Don’t Worry Buddy, I’ve Got Your Back

Posted on May 31, 2018

We were running a D&D 3.5 level 2 adventure in which I had decided to play as a fun little combat Rogue. That’s when I discovered the hard way that fate can be a fickle mistress.

We had been tasked with taking care of a city’s local bandit problem, and had been doing a good job of clearing out their little cave hideout when we finally came across the leader of the whole shindig. Caught in a face-off between our party and a group of around fifteen well-armed bandits, I decided to take some initiative—having not as of yet been noticed—and snuck through the shadows to see if I could get the drop on the bandit boss and end the fight before it began.

Sadly, our group’s resident little Halfling sociopath had the same idea.

A couple successful Move Silently checks later, and I was primed to introduce both my daggers to the boss’s kidneys when I heard the rolling of dice from across the table. Having just beaten me in initiative roll, our Halfling hurled one of this throwing knives for a sneak attack on the bandit boss, and rolled a one. With me standing in the same area. Shoot.

Well it couldn't be that bad, right? Until I realized that with my character not expecting it, the attack also counted as a sneak attack… ouch.

Then he confirmed a crit for the new attack roll on me instead, and nearly rolled maximum damage for the hit. A couple seconds later my character’s body promptly fell into the middle of the room, a dagger firmly planted in the back of his skull.

A few moments of awkward silence passed before out comes the Halfling, a look of anger plastered on his face. He ripped the dagger from my corpse and shouted, "BAD KNIFE! BAD! YOU GO IN THE BAD BAG!" He proceeded to drop the naughty weapon in a little pouch featuring a skull, then stormed from the room, grumbling to himself in some random language.

For what it counts, I learned an important lesson on blindly trusting allies, and the remaining party members got a surprise round on the bandits out of their sheer confusion to the situation. At least it led to a funny story we still quote to this day.

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