Down the Zombie Hole

Posted on May 19, 2017

The first game I ever played will always be pretty memorable. My friend's dad had been playing D&D for years, and all of us wanted to give it a try. So he agreed to DM a few sessions for us. We spent our time crafting our characters, learning the rules, and sitting around the table having fun. Starting at 1st level was my Barbarian, a Fighter, a Rogue, a Ranger, and a Wizard. Who needs healing when everything was going to die anyway?

Eventually we started the game (oh so generically) in the tavern, when a man burst in proclaiming the noble he was protecting had been ambushed on the road. The man now required the help of adventures to track the noble down and rescue her. The five of us gleefully accepted the quest and off we went.

We quickly found the wreckage of a carriage, along with signs of battle, and signs that someone had been taken captive and dragged away. Following the trail, we came across an old building in the woods. Assuming it was the lair of our unknown foe, our Wizard and Rogue both suggested we approach cautiously. However, the Ranger had other plans.

The Ranger sprinted for the door, eager to track down his prey. We followed after him, hoping to grab him before he could reach the doors... but we were too late.

He burst through the door, triggering a magical trap resulting in four magic missiles to randomly choose targets. The dice must have favored the Ranger since he was the only one to escape unharmed… for now.

Wounded and aggravated—and since we'd already burst into the building—the rest of the group decided now wasn’t the time for stealth or planning. Best course of action was to find these villains and save our damsel. After exploring our surroundings, we found no signs of life, only a stairwell leading down into the darkness.

The Rogue suggested checking for traps, which everyone agreed was probably a decent idea. The Rogue and I looked at each other, then at the DM, and said, "We grab the Ranger."

Our Ranger friend seemed shocked and confused. Unfortunately for him my Barbarian was much stronger than he was. A couple dice rolls later and our Ranger was tumbling down the stairwell into the darkness.

We waited a moment, then heard the moans of the Ranger at the bottom, probably still alive. The Rogue announced, “It's clear!” and down we filed into the darkness, to see our Ranger lying there among three zombies ready to feast.

The party survived in the end and continued on for many more adventures.

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