Drop It

Posted on June 13, 2017

We were in some serious trouble. We’d been playing D&D for over a year at this point and were all high-level characters. Our DM began our campaign at the start of the Time of Troubles, and while he tried to follow the canon to some degree, our actions ended up changing the canon considerably. That was probably why we ended up in Hellgate Keep. A place filled with Demons.

Our group, consisting of a Barbarian, a Wizard, a Bard, and a Rogue (me) decided to enter the place, because the Barbarian’s sister had been trapped inside the barrier. After acquiring the assistance of a Paladin of Tempus and a Trumpet Archon through the use of a planar ally spell, we finally felt ready to take on the keep.

We were so wrong.

Stumbling our way through the keep, we finally found the Barbarian’s sister and managed to get her to safety. However, during our time inside Hellgate keep, we found a group of people fighting for their survival against a horde of Demons. The Demons were lead by a being we had encountered multiple times during our stay in Hellgate—a Marilith.

Usually the Marilith would have been far harder to actually reach and kill, but there she was, out in the open. So we devised a plan. Our Bard would take the Iron Golem we’d been gifted by a powerful Wizard and would stay with it inside a portable hole. Meanwhile, the Wizard would teleport us right behind the Marlith.

Using a Scroll of Greater Teleport we managed to get behind the Marilith and got in a surprise round. I immediately threw the portable hole on the ground and opened it. Our Wizard cast a spell against the Marilith, immobilizing her for a short while. The plan was for the Bard and Iron Golem to get out the hole, and the Bard would play music while the Iron Golem grappled the Marilith.

The plan... did not happen.

What greeted us instead when I threw the hole on the ground was the smiling face of our Bard, slowly rising up on the shoulders of an Iron Golem wearing Boots of Levitation. The Golem flew up, then the Bard pushed himself off the Golem, giving it enough momentum to be directly over the Marilith... and dropped like a meteor down, onto the Marilith’s head.

The Marilith was stuck beneath a 5000 pound Iron Golem. Needless to say it didn't do much afterwards and was quickly killed.

The grin our Bard made when she described herself rising out of the hole is something I`ll never forget.

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