Everyone Needs a Meatshield

Posted on October 22, 2018

I recently began playing with a new group and a new DM. The DM and I had a few classes together in school and when he found out I played, he begged me to be a part of his group.

He asked because his group was something we like to call "squishies" or rather, a group of frail Wizards, Clerics or low-constitution Rogues. This group was comprised of a Gnome Cleric, a Halfling Rogue, a Human Rogue and a skinny Elven Wizard. Normally I would play a Wizard, but I saw the problem here and I was more than glad to join in.

I was introduced as a Tiefling Fighter named Rabo Bloodclaw. The group had landed themselves in jail and I was an inmate that had just been thrown behind bars. My initial stat rolls were pretty good and I was strong enough to burst from the cell, choke out a passing guard, and get everyone out. I took the guard’s short sword and sliced my way to the armory, where the group's stuff was. I pilfered a greatsword and some plate mail and followed from behind.

We ended up outside where there was already a huge battle raging. The Wizard (slightly insane) ran right out into the middle of battle and would have gotten himself killed if it hadn't been for me. I cleaved my way to the Wizard and shielded his frail body with my own. After ripping the head off the bandit leading the raid, the Wizard dubbed me Rabo the Meatshield.

I'd never played a Fighter before, but fighting on the front lines gave me a sort of high. What's better is we've just reached level 7, and I'm now a multiclass lvl 5 Fighter/lvl 2 Barbarian. The best kind of shield you can have is one with arms, legs and a heavy desire to kill things.

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