Fear My Good Looks!

Posted on April 16, 2018

Two weeks ago, I played my first game of D&D with an amazing group of guys that have been very patient with me as I learn the game. In last week’s session, my party and I were up against a bunch of Orcs attacking us from behind cover. There were many more of them than there were of us, and as an Elven Rogue with moderately okay stats, I was hesitant to charge in. I had essentially passed for two turns, as I couldn't see a single way in which I could help.

The DM asked me to look through my character sheet to see if I had any way of helping the battle without committing suicide. At this point, I noticed that under my list of languages, I knew how to speak Orc. And my Bluff skill wasn't all too bad either.

So my Rogue hid behind a crate, then yelled in his best impersonation of an Orc, "THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM! THEY'RE TOO STRONG! AND SOME OF THEM ARE DEVILISHLY HANDSOME! RETREAT!"

The DM rolled some dice and smiled. He explained that half of the Orcs turned tail and ran deeper into the cave to hide.

We later found them cowering in front of their boss. They were easily dispatched.

I've only played two games of D&D so far, but I cannot wait to go back to see what else waits in store for me and my scarily-handsome Rogue.

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