Finally Found a Target

Posted on May 08, 2018

It all began when the storyline took us down to a forgotten city, now inhabited by a mysterious people. Unfortunately we were down two players—the Cleric and Inquisitor. The first hurt us far more than the other.

We started exploring this city with a Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, and myself, the Wizard. The city alleys were full of undead wraiths who reduced the light by one degree, so all of our light sources were extremely dimmed. After many strength-draining wraith touches, we got through. This was the first area the Cleric would have been key in.

A little later on, we heard someone screaming from the middle of a square. We rushed in to find a group of the locals surrounding a metal pole, which of course had one of the school children as a human sacrifice. So, the group readied for battle, but the bad guys got the drop on initiative. All of a sudden, what was once a town square where we could see (with dark vision, thanks to a spell) instantly became the center of not one, but five Deeper Darkness spells in scattered areas. The irony was facing this particular encounter without the Aasimar Cleric, who could cast Daylight once per day as a racial ability, did not go unnoticed.

The Barbarian ran around the outer edges with the Fighter and they drew fire while the Rogue and I went invisible and made our way over to the pole to free the girl. Somehow we managed to unbind the girl, despite the dark, and took her to safety.

This was when the Rogue and I sounded the retreat through our Earrings of Communication. The Barbarian stayed. The Fighter stayed because the Barbarian stayed. The Rogue moved close to the Fighter because the Fighter was getting surrounded, and I went to help the Barbarian. Only one problem with this: we were still in the dark.

As a caster, I needed a target for my spells to work (the ones I prepared). The only exception was Fireball. Knowing that I needed a target, the Rogue didn't mind helping me take aim by shouting "Fireball here!" then promptly running away from that spot.

The only one who didn't get the memo was the Fighter. Instead of running out of range of the spell, he decided to stay and risk not making the reflex save.

I rolled all fives and sixes. He didn't make it. Well, I finally found a target.

P.S. Luckily the girl we saved had a scroll of resurrection, and we were able to set things straight.

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