Finding One’s Fate

Posted on February 13, 2018

I’m usually on the player side of the adventures, but I ended up in a situation where I had to take the role of DM.

Originally I’d wanted to remain only a player, but one day when my DM friend and I were playing, my better part (who by that time hated even the idea of RPGs) was sitting next to us, reading. We noticed that she was paying less and less attention to her book, and was listening to us more and more. At one pause, we asked whether she wanted to join in. Out of pride, she turned it down.

But when we got home, she asked me if she could create a character and try it out. I felt uncomfortable, because I knew the joys and beauties of playing and I didn't want to refuse her, but on the other hand I had never taken the role of a DM. But who says no to one's beloved?

And lo, Kersha D'ameon, lvl 1 Half-Elf Thief was born, and started her adventures on the scenic continent of Ynev. Since I wasn’t sure how to spin the story, and I didn't want to accidentally kill her character on the first occasion (not to mention taking away my chances to play with her), I created an NPC in secret, to help her and keep her alive (as it usually happens, it turned out quite the opposite on many occasions).

So Kersha wandered in the huge city of Erion, the official capital of adventurers, and she noticed a man on the other side of the street. Silver hair flowing, with the movement of a hunting panther, and intense deep purple eyes. Without meaning to, I described him in such a way that she, the player, fell in love with an imaginary character. Even her character, Kersha, was so mesmerised that without realizing it, had stepped into the road to cross the gap between them, heedless of everything—including a horse racing toward her.

The next thing she knew, the unknown Half-Elf held her in his arms, having saved her from certain trampling. Let me put here the exact dialogue between them:

Stranger: You should be more careful when you want to cross the road.

Kersha: Ahh… ooh...uhh...

Stranger (smiling): What's your name, young lady?

Kersha: Uhh... khmmm.... Kersha. Kersha D'ameon.

Stranger (with sudden joy in his eyes): You are just the person I was looking for!

Kersha (with heavily pounding heart): Really?

Stranger: Yes. My name is Tirel. Tirel D'ameon. I am your half-brother.

The kick I got from her, because I’d ruined her romantic fantasies, is still a good souvenir. But the mixture of annoyance and excitement and joy was way worth it. She became my first and best player ever.

And most importantly, I knew in that moment I liked to be a DM. I’ve been torturing, puzzling, and annoying my players, forcing them to think while making them laugh ever since.

P.s. Later she got compensated by marrying to a Paladin of Darton, god of Death and Jokes. And the rider of that horse? He turned out to be my second NPC player I’d created in secret.

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