Heal Thyself

Posted on September 07, 2017

About two years ago my daughter was playing in one of her first RPG games at our local game store. At this point she had three other sessions under her belt and was quite happy being the party Cleric. For this occasion we’d invited some friends who had never played before to join in.

One of her friends decided to be a Rogue, and during the session had an occasion to attempt picking a lock. The DM was feeling humorous (as expected since the group was a bunch of teenage newbies laughing and enjoying themselves) and when our friend rolled a one for his lock-picking attempt, the DM declared that the Rogue had instead punctured his hand with the tools and failed to open the lock.

At this point the Rogue turned to my daughter the Cleric and asked for some healing. To which my daughter swiftly replied, "Sorry, I don't heal self-inflicted wounds.”

It took the table twenty minutes to recover.

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