How Do You Like Your Cultist?

Posted on October 04, 2018

A while ago I was DMing the Lost Mines of Phandelver. The party had reached the ruins of Thundertree, where they encountered some cultists come to offer tribute to Venomfang the dragon. Somehow the party got the the cultists to agree to go with the party to meet the dragon the next morning.

During the night, the Rogue snuck into the house the cultists were staying in and poured his flasks of oil all over the place, carefully leaving a trail to the door before sneaking back out. He then realized he forgot to steal the tribute, so he snuck back in and took it—it was just sitting there, not even in a locked box.

After the thievery, the Cleric then cast Sacred Flame on the oil, and barred the only door with his warhammer. Over the screaming and crackling that issued from the house, the Rogue turned to the rest of the party and asked, “How do you like your cultist? Crispy or deep-fried?”

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