Infamous One-Liner

Posted by Zing Raillery on April 28, 2015

Every group has their inside jokes and funny quotes that they repeat over and over. The details of this story are fuzzy from old memory, but the punch-line has been ingrained in my brain.

Our gaming group had recently started a new campaign. Our low-level adventurers had been traveling through a dangerous part of the country-side. We encountered some random NPC who joined our camp for the night. This, in turn, led to the anticipated ambush of pirates/undead/monsters/whatever, so we all jumped into battle.

All except the guest NPC.

After a few rounds of combat things did not look like they were going in our favor. One member of our party asked the DM why the NPC was not helping.

"He's scared out of his wits! The poor man has no weapons and has just peed his pants."

Not giving up, my friend replied, "Well, he can throw his piss-sodden pants at them!"

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