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Posted on October 10, 2018

We were playing DnD 3.5 and had decided to play through the World’s Largest Dungeon. In one of our first sessions we had a player join us who was quite literally a new player. He had never Role Played before.

As he was feeling his way through the character sheet we discovered a room with a giant red glowing gem floating about 3 feet off the floor. The glow was described as "ominous" and "eldritch". The Halfling Sorcerer, Boggo Appletree, and the Cleric of Kossuth, Urstu of Thay (me), both immediately started checking out the room and calling for the other characters to "touch nothing, do nothing!"

Chris, our new player, and his Elven Monk character Tyrion (yeah, we had to work on his naming of characters) turned to Graznia (female Half-Orc Barbarian) and said, "What does Use Magic Item do?"

Graznia replied, "It means you activate magic stuff."

Meanwhile, the Cleric and the Sorcerer were doing hardcore fantasy CSI on the gem. Graznia then told the DM, "Graznia will be out by the cart doing nails."

Chris/Tyrion then touched the gem and activated "Use Magic Items," and rolled a natural 20.

Everyone else went  into slow-mo trying to stop him. We all failed our Dex checks.

The gem, which was part of the security system for the dungeon, exploded and nearly killed the party, rendering everyone down to single digits at best and seconds from actual death at worst.

The Cleric and the Sorcerer were revived by potions, and they set about healing/raising the rest of the party while sporadically fighting off wandering monsters attracted by the noise.

At the end of the encounters, Chris/Tyrion had caused somewhere in the vicinity of 500 HP of damage to the party. We voted as a group and it was asserted that Chris/Tyrion would thereafter have to work off his "HP Debt"—he would be healed last after a fight, and any damage he had done would come off his debt less the healing from that fight.

Tyrion died owing 9 hitpoints.

p.s. We cremated him and put his ashes into clay sling stones. He finally got out of debt by killing a goblin.

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